Thursday, August 18, 2011

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Obama & Co: A culture of destruction

I believe that it is absolutely true but most unfortunate, there is a certain element in this country that harbors an innate hatred for ‘The Man’ - meaning all levels of governmental authority. Hand-in-hand with this irrational hatred, there seems to be a driving urge to destroy anything that represents any authority tasked with maintaining peace and order in our society.

This warped frame of mind springs directly from the pages of Saul Alinsky’s handbook written as a guide to the destruction of our free enterprise system. And, it apparently suits a number of ethnic minority populations who consider themselves to be victims of Whitey’s world. Whitey of course is ‘The Man’. He is to be hated for his work ethic, his accomplishments, his patriotism, his values, his traditional American way of life and his institutions of authority – all imagined by the ‘victims’, to be lined-up against them.

And so, in order to validate their frustration, anger and victimization, those who find comfort in this racist mindset, deliberately set out destroy whatever symbols of authority they can access, using whatever tools and destructive methods they have at hand.

One example of this ugliness, is the architectural blight to be seen in practically every sizeable urban area of this nation. These are public housing projects conceived and built by HUD or municipalities, to make low-income housing available to families that found themselves at the lower end of the economic scale. The theory was that such projects would provide modest but affordable housing for a family to live in until they could improve their circumstances sufficiently, to be able to afford more adequate housing in a middle-income neighborhood.

So much for ‘theory’. Once ensconced in subsidized public housing with the broad scope of ‘entitlements’ available – food stamps; health care via public agencies; furniture allowances; free public education and free school lunch programs to name just a few – it wasn’t very likely that low-income families would find much incentive to seek other accommodations. They simply became firmly entrenched, permanent residents.

Most such public housing developments were built in the years following WWII, to replace dilapidated old neighborhoods close to the center of big cities. Thus, they became the core of inner city living and over a period of roughly the next twenty years, many of them through neglect and abuse, steadily declined to become literally, slum tenements.

Residents would purposely disable the plumbing or wreak such other vandalism that they felt would cause the apartment to be in violation of one or more city health code ordinances. And thus they rationalized what were in their minds, valid reasons to forego reasonable maintenance of their living quarters. Plus, this was all the excuse needed for not paying the rent.

And so, those ‘certain elements’ referred to earlier, became a part of the ‘culture of destruction. Other acts of vandalism guaranteed to render a public housing unit in violation of health code ordinances, were all too easy to make happen. Example: Since garbage cans provided in public areas must have a lid on them according to code, the simple act of ‘losing’ a garbage can lid was all the excuse needed to stop paying the rent.

Such pre-occupation by many recipients of entitlement benefits, with ‘getting back at the Man’ or flaunting the authorities, became widespread. Community organizers in inner city areas often took advantage of this attitude in order to exacerbate the feelings of victimization among those ‘certain elements’. Discontent, anger, frustration, blame and finger-pointing inevitably led to more flagrant vandalism. Vandalism is contagious.

And often, all that was needed to inflame passions of a crowd of people who already considered themselves to be victims of ‘authority’ , was the provocation when one of their own was being detained or arrested with what they considered to be unwarranted force. That’s all it took – that’s all it takes, to turn a restless crowd into an unruly, uncontrolled mob, bent on the destruction of things, places and people.

Obama & Co. has created an art form of calculated, divisive rhetoric. Barack Hussein Obama as President, has unconscionably resorted to name-calling, pitting one economic class against another; pitting one ethnic group against another; and pitting one American citizen against another. These are tactics and strategies he was taught by his friend and mentor Bill Ayers, whose bible was Saul Alinsky’s little book on how to confront authority and how to destroy this society. Obama was an astute and willing pupil. He learned his lessons well and so, has became the leader of today’s organized effort to implement the initial phase of his master plan he called, ‘Hope & Change’.. The objective of course, to replace our traditional free-enterprise system with Marx’s often-tried, always-failed plan to Communize and Socialize our free American society.

Can there be any doubt about the direction in which we are being mis-led by Obama’s ‘culture of destruction’? Did I hear someone shout, ‘Four more years’ ?

Conservative Commentary by MORT KUFF © 2011

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Bill Tabel said...

How come most all these abused, poor citizens who are "sucking on the teat" of Uncle Sam through his benevolent welfare programs, live better than some middle-class citizens in Europe, Africa, and Latin America? A recent study showed that our "poor" are not as poor as the bleeding heart liberals want us to believe. Most all have cable T.V., one and sometimes two cars, telephones and i-pads, a washer and dryer, free health care (Medicaid), food stamps, and are more likely to be obese or close to it. The Democrats and the Black Caucus are the new overseers on the "Plantation" by telling these people that "Whitey" is at fault. It is like we have self-appointed, unelected "poverty pimps" undermining our society. Two who come to mind are Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton (can you believe he's an MSNBC talk show host?). God bless America!

Holder Must Go said...

Comrade Obama and his minions have despicably created racial tension for political gain. They accuse all who opposed his hostile takeover of our health care system of racism. The Black Flash Mobs hear this and believe Obama's lies. Their way to deal with it is to beat up Whites and Asians.

Cheaper Car said...

The entitlements handed out like, food stamps; health care via public agencies; furniture allowances; free public education and free school lunch programs become expected. When we run out of money for these programs who will be blamed?