Thursday, October 21, 2010

Klein Signs Of The Times

Greetings my fellow Americans:
I've just returned from early voting at the Library on Hagen Ranch Road in Delray Beach and then, running an errand that took me into the northern reaches of Boca Raton.

As a result of passing hundreds of political signs planted one after another in the median strips, printed in every color in the rainbow - I'm practically blinded from that blur of color and I'm mildly myopic from all the clever, pithy-punchy printed messages.

Okay, okay. I get it. Each candidate wants to call attention to himself or herself by using any and all the graphic gimmicks they and their creative sign makers could conceive. Bold type predominates and Stars and Stripes abound, No problem with that.

However, standing out in that blur, were one candidate's signs that are peculiarly unique. The reason? Because right smack in the middle of his name (KLEIN), there appears a large red star. Excuse me? A large RED STAR!

Now, if the stars in our beautiful American flag, originally designed back in George Washington's day, are depicted in pure white and displayed on a field of true blue, it seems to me that's the proper way for American stars to appear.

From my study of world history and my own observation over the years, I've been aware that 'Red stars' have always been pretty much, the graphic symbol of choice for the Communists, Marxists, Socialists and other of their ilk. Stalin loved it. Chairman Mao adopted it. The USSR practically ran out of red stencil ink plastering the red star onto everything from the army's tanks to the butts of political prisoners.

So, what in hell - and what kind of twisted logic may I ask, would impel Ron Klein to plaster a large red star right in the middle of his name on his campaign signs? Could it be that he and his Campaign-of-Corruption cronies are that clueless about the significance of the red star - or, do they actively embrace the principles of the current president and his army of Saul Alinsky disciples who slavishly embrace the tenants of Communism, Marxism, Socialism and every other 'ism' that has met with dismal failure throughout modern history, every time it has been resurrected?

Which is it Herr Klein? Your blind obedience and whole-hearted support of Obama Socialism - or your unforgivable, dyed-in-the-wool Democrat arrogance born of decades of ingrained hypocrisy and colossal stupidity?

A RED STAR, indeed. What else do you need to know about Ron Klein? - - - except, that there is a most viable and superbly qualified candidate who is running against him for the seat he now occupies from Florida's District 22 in the U. S. House of Representatives.

His opponent's name is, ALLEN WEST. He is an American - through and through. When he looks up toward the Heavens as he does every day, he sees a sky full of bright, white stars.

And oh yes by the way - LTC. ALLEN WEST (U.S.Army, Retired) holds a Bronze Star awarded to him for Valor, earned by his courageous actions under fire, in combating the enemies of the United States, in the Middle East.

And as a public servant, his star continues to rise.

Would you care to do your part in bringing this nation back to the principles on which it was founded?


Conservative Commentary by by MORT KUFF (c)

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Won Hung Lo said...

If you live here in So. Florida, I'm sure you are aware of the many campaign ads flooding our media outlets. Compare the ads for C.D.22 candidates, Ron Klein and Allen West. Almost every ad run by Ron Klein is a personal attack on Allen West. No mention is made of his support for ObamaCare, the Stimulus, Cap and Trade, or Card Check, bills he voted for with gusto. On the other hand, most all of Allen West's ads concern itself with what he will do for his constituents if he is elected to Congress. All the "slime" seems to emanate fron the Klein campaign. Why? Is he ashamed of his votes he cast as our Congressman?

Investment said...

Do you want to continue down the path of Anti-Business Bureaucrats? Then say NO to Ronnie Klein. Make an Investment in OUR State. Vote for Allen West!

Joseph said...

I love my country. I have always loved this land of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Yesterday I loved America even more when I walked into the Main Library on Andrews Avenue and early-voted. My heart beat a little faster and my pulse quickened as I began voting. I silently thanked and prayed for the brave men and women of our Armed Forces who defend our freedoms so we can have a chance to vote and save our great America from those who wish to bring her to her knees. I voted with an ardent love and admiration for America - my heart swelling with pride. I did my part yesterday. I voted for Lt. Colonel Allen West. I hope and pray that my vote moves Allen closer to the House of Representatives. Please. I respectfully beg you all: get out there, vote for Allen West and let's save America. Our America - a country we have loved and continue to love with unwavering devotion. Thank you.
Joseph Maldonado