Monday, August 8, 2011

Does Obama Tell “White Lies” or “Whoppers”?

I know I'm right when I say that we all tell “white lies” and sometimes out and out lies (Whoppers). That's human nature. But, when a person running for and finally attaining the most powerful job in the world, has a tendency to tell big lies routinely, “something is rotten in the State of Denmark”.

The double-standard in the “Main Stream Media” is quite apparent when the name Obama pops up. What is an egregious gaffe if a Republican or Conservative says an untruth, the MSM look the other way or make excuses if their “Anointed One” (Obama) tells an untruth, even a “whopper”.

Here are some examples of what I mean.

When speaking before a black audience, Obama made the statement that his mother and father met while participating in the Selma, Alabama civil rights march in 1965, I presume in order to give him credibility as being “one” of them. He stated that he was born as a result of his parents hooking up at this march. Only trouble is, Obama was born more than 3 years before the Selma March. That was a big “whopper”.

Another “whopper” Obama told during the health care debate was the story about his mother being refused health insurance benefits because of the arbitrary decision of the big, bad insurance company. Truth is the insurance company paid the medical benefits to his mother who was fighting cancer, but the insurance company balked at paying for a disability policy which had nothing to do with health insurance or pre-existing conditions. Was that a “whopper” or what?

On another occasion, he claimed that his uncle participated in the liberation of the Auschwitz Concentration camp, only one problem with that claim, the Red Army liberated Auschwitz, so unless his uncle was in the Red Army, he couldn't have been there. Obama was trying to give himself credibility before a group of veterans by claiming something that wasn't true. A big “whopper”.

Does Obama consciously make up stories to justify his policy moves or does he just misspeak like many of us do on occasion?

Does anybody really believe that Obama could regularly attend the church services of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright and not be exposed to or hear the anti-American diatribes preached by his pastor/mentor? In fact, those hateful rants (sermons) were being sold in the lobby of the church for anyone to buy. It boggles the mind that Obama could claim that he knew nothing of the hate and venom his pastor passed off as “Black Liberation Theology”.

In conclusion, with the listing of some of his “Whoppers”, these damning truths about Obama's credibility and truthfulness, he once stated during his campaign that he visited 57 states with two more to go. How could someone with a law degree from Harvard not know that there are 50 states in the the U.S.A.? Maybe he was referring to the 57 Muslim states since he was educated, during his formative years, in Indonesia.

He made a major point that he would be the most transparent president ever, but I guess he had difficulty making the distinction between telling a “white lie” and a “whopper”. He has chosen to receive the prestigious Burger King award for the best “Whopper” in town. That's quite a distinction.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Russell Stewart said...

Obama just can't help himself when it comes to lying. He stated during the campaign, that he would accept public financing, but once he was able to hit up the left-wing PAC's and foreign sources of funds he reneged. Also, remember when he said that ObamaCare wouldn't cost anyone making less than $200,000 one red cent, well, it turned out that the costs of the program will cost all of us extra money, including the average Joe/Jane that uses tanning parlors. The list goes on and on as the phrase from the movie "A Few Good Men" comes back to haunt the "Anointed One", it's that "he can't handle the truth" - how true that is.

Stop Obama said...

Obama LIED! The economy Died!

Walter Buckley said...

Another "Whopper" by the Messiah is his supposedly "real" Certificate of Birth. Computer experts have examined it and found that is a forgery, that it was photo-shopped and it contained incorrect information. Are the Republicans going to have the guts to bring this up during an election year? Don't let this charlatan get away with this deceit.