Thursday, August 4, 2011

MORT's Meanderings:

Resume on lapel?

One way to entertain one's self for just the cost of a subscription to one of our local newsrags, is to read the letters-to-the-editors. It is also a very effective way to elevate one's blood pressure by 25 points in roughly 25 seconds.

Let me give you an example: In the 7-27-2011 edition of the SunSentinel a genius from Ft. Lauderdale (let's call him Yo-Yo), wrote a letter in which he announced a singularly brilliant observation he'd made. The light bulb clicked 'on' over his head when he noticed that Congressman Allen West, the elected U.S. Representative from Florida's District 22, wears pins on the lapels of his jackets. According to Yo-Yo, this is done for the purpose of 'advertising his accomplishments'. Yo-Yo's powers of deduction are stunning.

What Yo-Yo doesn't know about life in general and accomplished human beings in particular, could fill all the books on all the shelves of the Library of Congress. To attempt to smarten up this uneducable dolt would would be a sinful waste of time and effort. It is preferable to let him wallow in his pre-conceived notions of normalcy until he is overcome by his own ignorance which hopefully, will happen momentarily.

That Yo-Yo and his ilk enjoy the protection of our brave military, as exemplified by the miniature decorations worn on the lapel of retired U.S. Army LTC. Allen West when he addresses veterans at Memorial Day events, is just one of the benefits we all enjoy who live under the Constitution of the United States. It is also, unfortunately for those of us who pay taxes, one of the inequities.

Yo-Yo deserves to live under a Democrat-dominated administration. I believe that as rational, responsible citizens, the rest of us do not.

Conservative Commentary by MORT KUFF © 2011

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Bill Williams said...

Didn't our "Appeaser in Chief", Barack Hussein Obama, once state that he would not wear an American flag pin by saying he didn't want to wear his patriotism on his lapel? That statement might have some meaning if he had some patriotism to display. Since his early education took place in Indonesia, he didn't get his history and civics lessons about our great country that he would eventually lead. Maybe that's why he thought the U.S. was made up of 57 states? (Aren't there 57 Muslim states?).

Sarah said...

Allen West should be considered for the White House or VP in the next 10 years.

Valigator said...

Thanks for this blog Chuck, heck I might have to make you my "homepage"