Monday, August 15, 2011

Who In Hell Gave Them the Right?

Just think about this, how did we get along before the Messiah, Barack Hussein Obama (and his Administration), came on the scene? Were we able to walk and chew gum at the same time? According to his “holiness”, it seems we could not.

Who said we voted for the “Nanny State” in 2008 when we elected Obama as president? Let's see what I'm talking about. Coming up soon will be the situation where we won't be able to buy incandescent light bulbs because Mama and Poppa Obama say they are dangerous to our environment. Says who? The word is out that the new “approved” light bulbs are more toxic than the light bulbs we are now using. In fact, a warning comes with the purchase of these new bulbs about what do if one of these bulbs break, because of their toxicity. Is that progress?

We all agree that obesity is a major problem in our country today, but should we be told what we can eat by passing rules and regulations handed down by a gaggle of government bureaucrats? Wouldn't moral persuasion be the better way to go rather than the “iron hand” of the government telling us what to eat? This is America not the former Soviet Union, right?

Should government be telling us what we can and cannot do? Should we not have the “choice” to do or not to do what we think is best for us (as long as we don't hurt someone else)? If you mention “school choice” to a liberal (a/k/a Democrat), they throw up the charge that proponents are trying to ruin public education. It seems they don't look at what that decision means for the children involved, because it has been shown that school performance is enhanced in both charter and voucher schools as opposed to under performing regular public schools. Shouldn't President Obama give other people the same choice he has for his daughters by being able to send them to a well performing school? After all, he lives in public housing too.

We all know that the Obamamaniacs think Obama has been sent down from heaven to lead us, but let's get real. He hasn't a clue as to how our economy works or what the average Joe wants and needs for himself and his family. He was just a rabble-rousing “Community Organizer” in his corrupt city of Chicago, with zero economic and business experience before he hit the political scene, and now he tries to tell us what to do. Are we stuck on stupid, or is he?

Most of these busybody liberals (Democrats), including Obama, want “choice” when it comes to abortion, but want to restrict our freedom of choice when it comes to everyday living. They make it difficult for business to survive by imposing all those restrictive rules and regulations we force upon them, and then they wonder why companies outsource some of their activities out of the country? They have, besides light bulbs, refrigerators, and toilets, to name just a few, taken it upon themselves to butt in on our lives by telling us what we can and cannot buy. Should we have to rely on the government to tell us what washing machine to buy and what toilet to sit on? Sit on this Obama!

Who the hell gave them the right?

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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George Koehler said...

Who in hell gave Obama the right to use a Boeing 747 for his campaign trips? Shouldn't his campaign kitty kick in to reimburse the taxpayers? I know he likes to hand out entitlements, but entitlements to himself and his Aunt Jemima wife is ridiculous.

Rick Perry Fan said...

Now I hear Nobama call the WHITE HOUSE, his house. I thought it was the People's House? This ACORN Community Organizer and his wife want to strip YOU of your rights and your money. But they go on a vacation every month and have Parties in THEIR House every week.

Distressed Commercial Real Estate For Sale said...

It is amazing what this administration gets away with. ACORN, solyndra, Fast and Furious, vacations, Libya, etc. etc. etc.