Monday, June 20, 2011

Shovel Ready, My Ass!

Pardon my French, but I can't help telling it like it is. When the Messiah (Obama) sold us on a $800 billion “Stimulus” bill stating that he would put the country back to work with “shovel ready” jobs, he conned us big time. In fact, he put his trusted Vice-President in charge, Joe Biden. That should've been the tip off that all would not go well, and it hasn't.

He stated that he was going to use much of that money to repair our infrastructure with “shovel ready” public works projects and our unemployment rate would not exceed 8%. Since the time of the passage of that bill, by the Democrat controlled congress and signed by Obama, we have lost over 2 million jobs from that day to the present. Most of the money went to friends (unions), government workers, both federal and state (teachers, civil service workers etc.), but still it did not stimulate the economy as Obama told us it would, in fact, things have gotten worse. It's like we just threw money down a rat hole.

There is no doubt that Obama inherited a troubled economy, following the financial meltdown in the summer of 2008, but after all the “stimulus spending”, we are now worse off than we were before we spent this money, which we didn't have. Besides, we have raised our deficit by $1.5 trillion each of the past two years, with more big deficits projected for the coming years.

Recently, Obama joked about not having “shovel ready” jobs, saying that he didn't realize how tough the economic times were and that Bush's policies had contributed to this lousy economy. How much longer can Obama keep blaming his predecessor instead of “manning up” and taking the responsibility for his failed policies that could rightly be called the “Obama Depression”? I wouldn't bet on that happening as when you are a “narcissist”, as he has been dubbed by that well respected pundit/psychiatrist, Charles Krauthammer, you can't admit you'd fail in anything that you've tried up till now, and yes, he has been a failure, except to his cult worshipers, the Obamamaniacs.

His Kool-Aid friends in the media will try to “carry the water” for him and cover up or play down his failures, as they have a vested interest in having him succeed, even though, I surmise, that they know he is in over his head and has failed, but they won't admit it.

Ask any Obamamaniac what Obama has accomplished in his 2 ½ years and why he should be re-elected, the chances are that their silence will be deafening. They'll finally mumble that he had Osama bin Laden killed and he got his health care bill passed (without one single Republican vote, and that the bill is opposed by more than 60% of the people and they want it repealed).

It seems that all he knows how to do is campaign and read his talking points off a teleprompter. That is why we are in the mess we're in today, and it looks like there is no relief in sight.

I guess we could assume that Obama's “shovel ready” jobs were jobs used to clean up the horse manure that he created in the first place. Tell that to the 16 million workers who haven't gotten a job because of the incompetence of Obama and his Administration in telling them one thing, but not following through with results.

Shovel ready, my ass!

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann
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Stop Obama said...

Obama laughs about not having “shovel ready jobs”. It is a big joke to him. Just like when he spent quite a bit of OUR Money to fight off the Birth Certificate deal. He said he was amused at the Kenyan Birth Certificate issue. His goal is to have economy go further in the toilet and then the lowlife Liberals re-elect him so he can tax, tax, tax. Karl Marx would be proud of BHO.

Rico Macaluso said...

Can you believe that "our" president has the nerve to poke fun at his claim that he had "shovel ready" jobs ready to go if Congress would pass his $800billion "Stimulus" bill? Yeah, it was shovel ready all right, only to clean up after the horses left the stall. How can so-called intelligent liberals continue to support this fraud in the White House? I guess they are blinded to reality by their liberal (progressive) ideology.

Bill Moore said...

In the Obama White House there is an attitude that spin and putting on a happy face, when our economy is in shambles, would triumph over anything else, especially the truth. Tell this happy talk to an unemployed worker, a homeowner who has seen his house value tumble, a trucker who is trying to suck up the high cost of fuel and keep his prices competitive, and a recently graduated college student who's going to have to go back home to live with mom and pop because he/she can't find a job. So when Obama flippantly makes fun with his comment about shovel ready jobs, he should look in the eyes of those people who are hurting because of his policies and ask them to re-elect him. Shame on him. How can the Obamamaniacs be so blind?