Monday, June 13, 2011

Is There Really a Double Standard?

The media frenzy over getting a look at Sarah Palin's e-mails while she was governor of Alaska, shows the bias and proves that there is a double-standard in the main street media against conservatives in general, and especially against women conservatives in particular.

Where was this thirst for information during the 2008 campaign, and today, about Barack Hussein Obama? It seems that the media has a see-no-evil, hear-no-evil, speak-no-evil attitude in its coverage of Obama. He can do no wrong, according to them, and they prove it by giving him a pass on just about every controversial thing he might say or do and with whom he associates with. He is truly a “teflon” president.

Even today, Sarah Palin, is a private citizen who does not hold public office, but still they go after her with a vengeance. What makes her so special in the minds of the “lame stream media” that they need to know “everything” about her, her family, her term as governor of Alaska, and her views on politics etc. Doesn't it seem like overkill? The hate is quite evident and overt.

On the other hand, here we have a president who had a host of questionable friends from the corrupt City of Chicago. No media outlet except Fox delved into these associations, no investigation as to how and why he sat through 20 years of listening to hate-filled sermons by his pastor/mentor Rev. Jeremiah Wright, no finding out why, as a state senator in Illinois, he voted “present” over 130 times and nobody thought that was odd, and finally, we had a candidate (and now president) who has refused to divulge all his personal public records pertaining to his birth certificate (just recently he presented a copy that has been deemed a “photo-shopped copy), his college transcripts, and his health records. Where is the same curiosity of the media that they seem to be using against Sarah Palin? The media was all over George W. Bush in trying to dig up dirt on his National Guard service and his arrest 20 years prior for a D.U.I arrest. They even dug up the accident first lady Laura Bush had as teenager where a friend of hers was killed. They were fair game, but not the “Anointed One”, Barack Hussein Obama. Sarah Palin is one tough cookie, she can handle the barbs and arrows directed at her, but where is the fairness in reporting that the media is constantly referring to when they criticize Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck and other conservative talk-show hosts?

Sarah Palin becomes a target of the loony-left because, 1) she's very physically attractive (as compared to most liberal women), 2) she's a conservative (how terrible!), 3) she's religious and she's against abortion ( a mortal sin), 4) she's family oriented, and 5) she's a real feminist. All traits that offer a threat to the loony liberal left, or so they think.

Who are the real misogynists? Is it the conservatives who are constantly being accused of being anti-woman, or the one's making those fallacious charges - the liberal left? Look at how conservative women are depicted, women like Palin, Michele Bachmann, Condoleeza Rice, Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, Michelle Malkin etc. They are all judged to be stupid, shrill, inarticulate, and pseudo sex symbols, and a joke ( a Chris Matthews depiction). To me, it all comes down to jealousy, as the women of the left are more suited to be witches rather than players on the national scene.

So yes, there is a double-standard when it comes to the media. That's why people have such a low opinion of the so-called purveyors of the truth. Shame on those hypocrites, but then again, they have no shame.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Sarah Palin Fan said...

There is a double standard with the Nazi MSM as always. If Sarah Palin dresses in nice clothes reporters act like she’s being ostentatious, but when Mrs. Food Nazi Michelle Obama does it reporters are taken aback by her glamour. Yet the dirty little secret is that Palin could don a $90.00 dress from Wal-Mart and steal the show from a diamond covered Mrs. Obama any day, and the Marxist media knows it.

Gene Martin said...

The Sarah Palin fan above makes a good point. Sarah is crucified for wearing fashionable clothes while Michelle Obama wears the clothes of Aunt Jemina. Sarah's children are fair game for the left, but god forbid anyone mentions the Messiah's children. The reason that conservatives don't do that is because they have class and a moral background while the "do your own thing" atheistic liberals consider everybody "red meat" for their political smear machine.

Anonymous said...

the lame stream media tears through Palin emails yet play dumb to Obama and Ayers, Khalidi etc. BHO is a crook through and through

Bubba's BBQ said...

I can see Rick Perry as President and Sarah Palin as VP. They can both put a hurtin' on that Hussein Dude.