Saturday, June 4, 2011

Unemployme​nt Rate and Obama

Conservative Thought Of The Week

During a campaign stop in Ohio in 2008, then candidate Obama blamed President Bush for the “high” unemployment rate the country faced. In 2008, according to BLS figures, the unemployment rate was 5.8%.

Obama said:

Only someone as out of touch as my opponent could say that ‘the fundamentals of the economy are strong’ at a time when so many families are struggling. Amid the greatest economic crisis of our time, we desperately need to change the way Washington and Wall Street work…
We can’t afford four more years of the Bush-McCain economic policies that led our economy into this mess – we need to change direction and start putting America’s jobs and America’s workers first.

Well, it’s now 2011 and the latest BLS figures put the unemployment rate at 9.1%. Employers added only 54,000 jobs in May. To put these figures in perspective we should see how the jobs were added. As you may recall, McDonald's ran a huge hiring fair in April and said they were hiring 62,000 jobs. One source estimated that the McDonald’s hiring raised the annual number by up to 30,000 jobs. If McDonald’s had not hired so many employees in April the figures would have been far worse.

Back in 2008 Obama and his supporters claimed that under President Bush the unemployment rate was under 6% and that the only American jobs created was to flip burgers for McDonald’s. Well, it’s now 2011 and thanks to McDonald’s hiring, the unemployment rate under Obama was “held” to 9.1%. If it weren’t for those hamburger flipping jobs the unemployment rate would have been far worse.

Well, it’s readily apparent that the Obama-Biden economic policies are a disaster and that we need to change direction – and leadership.

Conservative commentary by Jim Pirretti

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Harry Rasmussen said...

Is Professor Irwin Corey reincarnated into Obama and Biden? To listen to these two double-talkers about how great our economy is doing, you'd think you were really listening to the good professor (for those to young to know, Irwin Corey was a fomous double-talker who appeared many times on the Ed Sullivan Show in the 50's and 60's). Every piece of negative economic news is spun and twisted by these two economic nit-wits as being a plus for our economy. Do they really think the normal people (not the Obamamaniacs) will really buy their snake-oil? They must or why would they say such crap? (and with a straight face no less).

Mainto said...

That was more brainwashing by MSM. The MSM said over and over that Bush was the worst President. Even with unemployment rate of 5.8 or lower, Sheeple believed the MSM.

Dr. Michael D. Evans said...

America thought Obama is the one. Unfortunately, our hopes will now falter.