Thursday, June 23, 2011

Who Wages War Against the Middle Class?

The liberals are crying out and demanding that the state governors and state legislatures stop the “war on the middle class”. “Me thinks they protest too much” (a paraphrase of a Shakespeare phrase). The chant about stopping the “war” is mainly put forth by government unions who are “sucking on the teat” of the taxpayers on both the federal and state levels. I would presume that 75% to 80% of the people would consider themselves to be middle class and most of them are homeowners across the country. As a homeowner, what is the biggest cost or expense forced upon these people who own their home (outright or with a mortgage)? If you answered property taxes, you would be correct. Take education, for example, what is the major funding source to finance the schools? That's right, property taxes, mainly paid by the middle class, So if government workers bargain with “paid for” legislators (legislators who were elected with the overwhelming physical and financial support of the government unions) by getting “sweetheart deals” in pay and fringe benefits, it's the middle class taxpayers who foot the bill. Who then is waging war on the middle class, the tax cutters or the tax raisers, the unions?

Every election cycle the liberal Democrats trot out the fear scenario that the big bad, evil Republicans are hurting the children, our seniors and the poor etc., all because they want to rein in government spending which has brought many cities and states to the brink of bankruptcy.

The policies of the tax and spend liberal Democrats trickle down to the middle class by them having to pay more for gasoline to power their cars, gas to heat their homes, electric to use their appliances, food that they eat, clothes that they wear, and the health care that they need to enjoy life, and everything else that has to be transported by truck, plane, or rail. That's the “hidden tax” on the middle class, and then the liberal Democrats falsely blame the Republicans. It's like”the kettle calling the pot black”. Are we citizens so stupid that we can be taken in with this kind of demagoguery over and over again? As more and more of the populace rely on government handouts and largesse, the more they will support the political party and politicians who promise them the “free lunch” they are accustomed to. When that situation comes about, when more than half the people pay taxes and the other half takes the taxes, our society will be on the verge of disaster. We will then become a country of givers and takers and the givers will revolt, as we will become a “nanny state” with a limited private sector to produce the goods and services which is the engine to power our free enterprise economy. A strong private, capitalistic, free enterprise economy, is what has made our country the preeminent country in the world.

The middle class is under assault, yes, but not by the conservatives, it's the people who make the charges – the liberal Democrats who are the culprits. They are the enemy of the middle class, the sooner you realize that, the better off we will all be.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Fire Eric Holder said...

B. Hussein Obama parties with his vacuous, celebrity friends, dog-killer athletes and Racist rappers who support Cop Killers. Meanwhile the American middle class sinks further into the morass he has created with his doomed policies. Not since the time of Nero has so much idle fiddling taken place while a society burned.

Impeach Obama said...

Barry Obama hates white Americans, period. You must be black, an illegal alien or muslim for him to care about you!

Jack Klein said...

The class warfare shibboleth, as espoused by Obama and the Democrats, of pitting one income group against another, is right out of the Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky playbooks. The Democrats try to get as many people dependent on the government handouts as possible so that those people will vote for the Democrats in order to continue their handouts. It's a vicious cycle that will come back to bite us in the ass later on.

Ed Harding said...

The liberals want to continue to want to use the model of Kenynesian Economics(pumping in massive government money to stimulate an economy), but it hasn't worked anywhere, anytime (ex. FDR and the Great Depression). Are they stupid or what?