Thursday, June 16, 2011

I Don't Like his White Half Side Either!

The biggest canard put forth by liberals against the critics of President Barack Hussein Obama, is that the critics are against him because he is black, therefore they are racist. Well, I for one, couldn't care less whether he is half-black, I don't like his half-white side either.

When the defenders of the president can't justify the ruinous policies of their leader, they revert back to the Jackson-Sharpton tactic that it must be a racist attack, end of discussion because you are a an “evil” racist. For the past couple of decades it has worked for the “Rhyming Reverends” as the “politically correct” charge intimidated many “white” critics as they didn't want to be labeled a racist, whether it was true or not.

To show the ridiculousness of this specious charge, most non-black critics of the president are the same critics of the late Ted Kennedy, Dennis Kucinich, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. The last time I looked, they were all white and they championed the same policies as Obama. What can we then be called, “anti-crackers”, “whitey haters” etc. It's just that stupid for us to be “painted by the same brush” for pointing out why Obama and his buddies in the Democrat Party are “leading us down the primrose path” in regards to his domestic and foreign policies. The definition of that idiom “led down the primrose path” is that one is being deceived or led astray, often by a hypocrite. This aptly defines what we are criticizing the president about and it has nothing to do with his racial makeup.

This phony charge of racism is being used whenever a person of color or a different ethnic background is brought to task or criticized. To me, it is a cowards way out of confronting a legitimate complaint against that person or group. It doesn't have any basis in fact, but just the charge usually has worked for the “racial arsonists” (Jackson-Sharpton) to initiate shakedowns and extortion of a person or businesses all across the United States. It is their modus operandi.

According to these Obama sycophants, it is off-limits to criticize or question the president as that would be an act of racism. What is a citizen supposed to do if he can't complain or challenge the policies of his elected leader(s)? Do we have to first determine the color or ethnic background before we question him/her? If the politician is a “minority” is it then a no-no to challenge that politician?

Let's stop this nonsense, as the people making these charges of racism are the real racists and should be ignored. So if Obama is half-black and half-white, who cares, he is all wrong and can and should be criticized where appropriate.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Allen West Fan said...

Great Points you have here. Why is that the Tea Party cannot point out the mistakes of BHO without getting called racist. Yet the Tea Party supports Allen West who is 100% Black. The Dems have no artillery except to shout Racism.

Joseph Hauser said...

Calling a person a "racist", in today's climate, is like the nursery rhyme boy "crying wolf". Pretty soon people just ignore the wailing of that term, even though in some instances, it might have some validity. So it is with the rabble rousing "bottom feeders" like Jackson and Sharpton who equate any criticism of a black person as blasphemy. Obama has been the most polarizing president in modern history with his subtle intrusion of racism applied to his critics.

James J. Pirretti said...

I like Allen West and Herman Cain but think Obama is a disaster. Does that make me a racist?

Al Fantuzzi said...

When are black people going to realize that the Democrats are "the man" who is holding them down while telling them that they are their savior? Ever since Lyndon Johnson had the "War on Pverty" passed in 1965, the black family has been deteriorating due to the "benevolent" policies passed by the Democrats. Single mother households, rampant crime, excessive drug use, poor education results etc. have all prospered under this"War on Poverty" and yet the black community keeps voting for their "silent" oppressors over and over again. Someday they'll learn that the Republicans can show them the way out from under the oppressive hand of government.