Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sarah Palin for Energy Secretary?

I don't believe that Sarah Palin will run for the presidential nomination of the Republican Party in 2012, but if she does she will not win the nomination. That's not a knock on her or her ability, as a politician, or her ability to attract supporters – that is an educated guess, on my part, as I don't think she'll want to face the the George Soros, liberal-left smear machine that is just waiting to put her and her family through the “wringer” again, as they have been doing since she ran as Vice-President in 2008. The “politics of personal destruction” would be in full force against her much to the shame of the smear merchants of the Democrat Party and their surrogates , Media Matters, The Daily Kos, and People Coming Together (all George Soros funded organizations). Along with their willing cohorts in the media, they will try to portray her as a political lightweight and denigrate her as being stupid and other vile adjectives.

So, if she doesn't run, what can she do with her very meaningful government experience as an elected official from Alaska, including two years as the state's Governor? I would urge the person who gets the Republican nomination to announce a deal to nominate Sarah Palin as Energy Secretary if that person gets elected. Not only would that candidate get a person with charisma in his/her cabinet,, but a person with intimate knowledge of working with the oil companies and by being an advocate for all forms of energy that sits within the borders of the United States. Why should we be buying our energy from other countries thereby making our deficit worse than it is now? We wouldn't, under an Energy Secretary like Sarah Palin, be giving $2 billion to Brazil to aid in their off-shore exploration of oil and then saying that we can't wait to buy the oil from them. That's the kind of stupid policy that would not happen under a Palin leadership role.

Not only is she knowledgeable about oil, but she has stated that she would champion all forms of energy including natural gas, clean coal, hydro, wind and solar. We are the richest country in the world, when it comes to energy resources, and to not exploit those resources is an outright crime. Think of how much money (revenue) would be generated for the federal coffers, if we tapped those vast supplies of energy? We could become an exporter of energy rather than an importer of energy with the resulting outflow of dollars to countries like Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Mexico etc.

So, rather than being a political liability, Sarah Palin would bring new hope to an otherwise stagnant (in Obama's case, non existent) energy policy that has contributed mightily to our national debt. Let common sense reign supreme again in America by using the talents of that great American, Sarah Palin.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Black Chamber of Commerce said...

B Hussein Obama sent his team of Thugs to rip Palin apart, I think she did the right thing to give up the Governor’s position. The State would have been paying for all those bogus lawsuits. Palin ends up footing the Bills as Obama clogs up the legal system with lies. Look how Obama handled the Birth Certificate deal. He did not show his Birth Certificate to the majority of the States because he feels he can take the easy route because of his skin color. So Obama uses our tax dollars (some of his money too, probably donated from Terrorists online) to fight his Birth Certificate issue and he laughed about it.

Ken Mitchell said...

Do the loony liberals who hate Sarah Palin, hate her because of her policies or because she is a white, conservative woman who is a down-to-earth authentic feminist who is religious, and that scares the hell out of them? Besides, she is a "hot" woman who makes her liberal counterpats look like they should be haunting houses for a living. She's got time to reach for higher office in the future, so meanwhile, I think she should use her talents in becoming a "King Maker" in the Republican Party. I just love how she drives the liberals crazy.

Allen West Fan and George Washington said...

If the MSM attacked an African American Woman like they do Sarah Palin, there would be riots.