Monday, June 27, 2011

Rev. Wright is what is Wrong


Recently,the Baptists held their National convention in Ft. Lauderdale. Their choice of Rev. Wright as keynote speaker tells us something about what is happening to traditional Faiths in our nation, today.

For the leadership of the Baptists to have selected such a controversial and volatile figure as Rev. Wright to set the tone for their meeting synthesizes in a nutshell, the lunacy of the left that has wrested control of nearly all denominations of the major religions currently practiced in America. Almost the lone exception being, the evangelical movement that welcomes both Christians and Jews into their fold.

Rev. Dozier, Pastor of The Worldwide Christian Center in Pompano Beach, FL is so right when he charges the religious leaders of all faiths and denominations to lead the way in the battle against the rapid encroachment of Islam and the insanity of Socialistic-Progressive Liberalism. His courageous admonition to all pastors, priests, rabbis and clerics to step up and speak out to their congregations against this insidious invasion, is bullseye-on-target. Providing just this sort of counsel and moral guidance to their flocks is a vital part of their calling but it appears, there's a whole lot of shirking goin' on 'round here.

One would reasonably expect these leaders to be 'rallying to the flag' (Old Glory, that is) and instructing the members of their congregations to become acutely aware of what's going on in their own neighborhoods. And then, to become active as individuals, in protecting our homeland against this unwelcome encroachment. Religious leaders should be instilling the 'empowerment of faith in what is morally right' into the psyche of each member of their congregations.

Sadly, there are some religious leaders in our area who appear to be either stupidly or stubbornly insensitive to what is going on around them. It could be that they are intimidated by radical Islamist elements. Or, they might simply be moral cowards. Or, it could be that they are consumed with an unseemly, craven concern for their own jobs. Whatever the case, they've become negative rather than positive influences on those who depend upon them for their spiritual ministry. In the military, this is called, 'dereliction of duty'.

Closer to home for me as a Jew who is unaffiliated with a local synagogue but, one who has attended services and listened to sermons of reform, conservative and orthodox rabbis, I have concerns. It is my assessment that those rabbis who regurgitate the nonsensical rhetoric of the 'J Street' crowd, have become so corrupted by that anti-Israel message that they've rendered themselves totally useless as thoughtful mentors to their congregations. And, that is indeed, a pathetic state of affairs. Worse yet, they have proven to be purveyors of a potent ideological poison and have in fact for all practical purposes, become effective agents of the enemies of conservative Judaism and protagonists against the lone Democracy in the Middle East, the isolated State of Israel.

It is truly tragic that so few of these so-called religious leaders appear to possess either the self-confidence or a trust in their congregations, that they can comfortably preach their message without the nagging fear of alienating their members. It seems to me that there is a reticence to ruffle the feathers of the 'regulars' and as a result, what should be their principal role as enlightened leaders becomes diluted and compromised. Instead of providing hearty meals of spiritually flavorful chunky stew, they are offering easily-palatable but tasteless and unfulfilling blanc-mange.

For those who regularly populate their houses of worship in search of principled spiritual guidance, they would be well advised to become more discerning and far more critically judgemental of the messages they hear from the pulpit. Then, they ought to give serious thought to how they might become pro-active in their own individual effort to improve the situation. It is surprising how individual decision-making and individual effort tend to build character.

If I were forty years younger and decidedly more cavalier, I'd probably start my own 'Temple of High Morals and Low Humor' from which I'd dispense more such opinions that are worth two-cents, or less. However, given the advanced state of my antiquity, my penchant for cautious optimism and renowned desire to ingest red wine and enjoy the hell out of every moment - I guess I'll just pass on that idle reverie and continue to pursue my not-for-profit hobby of taking out-of-focus photos of my conservative pals.

Conservative Commentary by MORT KUFF © 2011

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J Street Rabbis keep quiet said...

It should scare us all, that the Lame Stream Dinosaur Media had zero questions about BHO chillin' like a Villain with dirtbag, Racist Rev Wright. Yet the same MSM thinks Mitt Romney is not suitable to be President because he is a Mormon.

Ron Grimaldi said...

Mort's got it right (not Wright) when he says that many of the clergy today are mental midgets and some are morally bankrupt. A perfect example is local Boca Raton Rabbi Bruce Warshal. He is constantly questioning the motives of the Israeli's and making excuses for the enemies of Israel, the Palestinians. With friends like Warshal, Israel doesn't need enemies. Included in that group of so-called "Israel Lovers" are Rep. Ted Deutch, Rep. Wasserman-Schultz, Robert Wexler, and Ron Klein, all sympathizers of that suspect group called "J Street".

Florida Car Insurance said...

The last few speeches we heard are rooted from Rev. Wright. What a shame he is the POTUS.