Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Conversation between Friends

Hi there. Just checking in on the lower and middle class, to see how you’re holding up. President Obama is for the people, the common folks, the downtrodden, the disadvantaged. So, how’s the hope and change going?

Still out of work, huh. That’s a shame. Your neighbors say they don’t have a job either and have few prospects for getting one? President Obama hasn’t really come up with an idea to help that yet. He spent three-quarters of a trillion dollars on stimulus though. You didn’t see results from that? Really? I know you’re still out of work. He’s been a little too busy to address that. I’m sure he’ll come up with some business-friendly ideas to stimulate the economy.

You still have the house? That’s good. It’s worth less than three years ago? Yeah, that's pretty common. What? You owe more than it’s worth? That’s not good. What do you mean Obama didn’t pay your mortgage like you expected him to? You didn’t really believe he was going to do that, did you? At least you’re not as bad off as those families he pledged to help stay in their homes. It’s been months since they’ve been on the street. Unfortunate.

Certainly you see his influence in Washington, don’t you? It’s all changed, with bi-partisanship and all. He brought us all together. Runs like a clock. After all, Nancy Pelosi said she’d drain the swamp, and Obama said we’d all get along… that we wouldn’t have red and blue states anymore, that we’d have 57 purple states.

Politicians are acting worse than ever? I guess you’re right. Rangle and Weiner? Yeah, I guess those are good examples. Well Obama did get rid of the special interests, and their lobbyists, and let us all see our lawmakers in action on C-Span.

Pardon? He didn’t? Well I’ll be. How many? He has how many former lobbyists in his administration? Whoa.

Yes, now that you mention it, I’m paying more for groceries too. That’s a good point. That’s called inflation and it is going to get a lot worse I’m told, what with the fed printing piles of money. And some of it has to do with the price of oil too, I’m sure. Gotta get those tomatoes to market. Boy, gas has gotten expensive, hasn’t it?

Hey, don’t fly off the handle on me, I’m sure it’s not Obama's fault. He’s doing everything he can to make us independent of foreign oil. What? Oh. He’s not? I KNOW you can’t drive a car with a wind power, but he’s thinking about the future.

What’s that? Well don’t get upset because you think prices for electricity and heating oil are going to skyrocket too. That hasn’t happened yet. I don’t think they’d ask us to pay twice what we’re paying now if there wasn’t a good reason. What? What’s the reason? Hmmm. I’m not sure, but I think it has to do with the U.S. contributing 1 percent of the world’s carbon emissions and he thinks by cutting those we can save some polar bears or something. He gets his information from Al Gore, so he’s on top of that.

Yeah, I know, you’re not happy about being in debt. I understand. Don’t feel bad. Our country is in debt too, and they want to spend some more. They’ll just make future generations pay for it.

Yes, I know that’s not fair, but what are we going to do? What’s that? Yeah, I guess Harry Reid insists it’s important to continue funding cowboy poetry. I haven’t heard it, but it must be very good. What I’m concerned about is the fact that just the interest on what we’ve already borrowed takes a huge chunk of the tax money going to Washington. Then they send a lot of that money to the Chinese who lent us their money. Nice people, those Chinese.

Immigration is another problem? Yes I agree, but what he wants to do is find a way to make them all citizens…

Well, yeah, I guess securing our borders first would be a good idea, and I’m sure there’s a good reason why the federal government is suing a state that’s trying to do it themselves. There must be.

C’mon, it’s not so bad. You’re excited about getting health insurance aren’t you? The President got THAT done!

Well if you can’t afford it, they’ll help you pay for it, but you are going to have to buy it. Rationing? You’ve got to be kidding. They're telling us that this is going to make health care affordable and accessible and…

OK, granted, maybe it wasn’t a good idea to add 30 million people to the health care system without adding a single doctor, or a nurse or two. That math’s a little shaky. But the states are going to help pay for it too. Oh. They're broke also?

OK, you can point out that it hasn’t worked at all in Massachusetts and is a miserable failure all over Europe, but this is the U.S. of A! We’ll do it right! After all, they wouldn’t pass something bad for us. The legislators are going to depend on the same health care coverage we buy and…

Oh. They’re not? They’re exempt? Hmmm.

Is it even constitutional? Gosh, I don’t know. They’re still figuring that one out.

Give Obama some credit. He’s learned a lot since he’s been in office, hasn’t he? After all, right off the bat he won a Nobel Prize. I know he didn’t have much experience but he’s a smart guy. For instance, he didn’t close Guantanamo Bay and bring those violent terrorists here. It’s smart to keep nuts who want to kill us away from our shores, isn't it? And, he has kept us involved in Afghanistan and Iraq to fight terrorism. What? You say that sounds a lot like policies from George W. Bush? I guess it does. But Obama did personally authorize the shooting of Osama bin Laden, didn’t he? He all but shot him himself. Plus, he wants to send love to the Muslim community, bring the soldiers home and cut the military budget big time.

And here’s more good news! He says that he’s cut your taxes!

Oh. I guess that would be important if you DID pay taxes. I guess about half of us don’t. But, he’s going to tax the dickens out of the wealthy. They can afford to pay more! That’s a good thing, isn’t it?

Well, your former boss is wrong. He won’t have to lay off another 40 people to pay higher taxes and for Obamacare for his employees. That’s just a scare tactic. He must watch Fox News. Plus, I’ll bet he can get a waiver. That can’t be hard. They’re giving them to a lot of unions, even fancy restaurants, particularly around San Fransisco.

No, that’s silly. Why would he want to move his company overseas?!

So you’re saying we’re not being told the truth? Why do you call them the lame-stream media? Oh. Really? I thought the job of the press in this country was to serve as a watchdog of government, not a lapdog. They really got after President Bush though, didn’t they?

I have to go. I know. I know. It isn’t a pretty picture. It sounds like what we can look forward to is an expensive, cold, dangerous, debt-ridden future with a poor health care system and a bleak retirement.

But you voted for him, didn’t you?

Conservative commentary by Jim Beach
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Police against B. Hussein Obama said...

You must live in my Community. My neighbors often appear brain-dead as they babble incoherently on how smart B. Hussein Obama is.

Bob Garden said...

Gee, I went into the local Publix supermarket the other day and wanted to buy some Kool-Aid, but the shelves were empty. I asked the manager, "How Come"? He said he had a rush of retired liberals from New York come in after listening to Obama on the T.V., and they bought out our whole supply. I wonder why those liberals did that, do they know something we don't know? I guess they are getting ready for when Obama gets voted out of office. Maybe then the Kool-Aid will be available again.

Anonymous said...

why do so many People fall asleep at the wheel when Obama has ao many ties to criminals?

Democrats Brought the Financial Crisis said...

Those Politically Correct Intelectuals who voted for Nobama because he is Black are really self-loathing weasals

Anonymous said...

With all the waivers the Obama Administration has been dishing out like candy, are there any liberals left to whom ObamaCare will apply?