Thursday, June 30, 2011

Are We Stupid, or What?

Every time I go to the gas station to fill up, I say to myself, “Are We Stupid, or What”?

Why should we be paying $4.00 or more for gas that is mostly bought from foreign countries, some of whom don't like us very much, but definitely like our money. And we like dopes, give them our money by purchasing their oil. “Are We Stupid, or What?

It is estimated that we have enough energy (oil, gas, coal etc.) within the borders of our country and off-shore to last us many hundreds of years, but because of pressure from the “environmental whackos” and their sympathizers in the government, we can't tap those energy resources, but instead have to purchase them from other countries, thereby adding to our national debt and screwing up our balance of trade.

Just recently, our “Pied Piper of Cluelessness”, Barack Hussein Obama, has given the country of Brazil $2 billion to assist them in their exploration of oil and gas off their shores, but Obama has put a moratorium on our oil and gas exploration and drilling off our shores, and also in our territory in the Rocky Mountains, and Alaska. Upon giving that $2 billion to Brazil, he said he hoped that they would be successful so that we could be one of their best customers. Is this guy for real or what? One other thing to make matters worse, he gave Brazil the right to drill in the Gulf of Mexico – while he restricts our own companies from drilling. “Are We Stupid, or What”?

Obama has stated on numerous occasions that he is O.K. if oil and gas prices go through the roof, as that will help us clean up our environment by forcing people to use “clean” energy instead of the “evil” fossil fuels. Only a “nitwit” could think that scenario up, as even if we could get energy from the “green” sources he says we should be using, it could never make up for the fossil fuels that we need to keep our economic engine humming. There is nothing wrong with trying to wean us off of using fossil fuels by using wind, hydro, solar and bio-fuels etc., but we should realize that all those “green” sources cannot possibly make up for the energy needed and supplied by fossil fuels.

The “doom and gloom”, aforementioned, “environmental whackos”, headed up by the “global warming” guru Al Gore and his minions, are claiming that we can become “energy sufficient” by using only the “green” technology, but the only thing that it will do is to fatten up the wallets of those proponents of fear. Just follow the “green”, money that is, and the people who are pushing the green energy to be our sole source of energy, and you'll see a bunch of charlatans going to the bank to deposit their ill-gotten gains while you pay between $4.00 to $5.00 a gallon to fill up your cars, Suv's, and trucks. “Are We Stupid or What”?

They, and the Obama administration, are in cahoots and are, as a result, expected to gain a lot of money, much of it taxpayer money, provided by you and I. That's the situation that exists today between G.E. and its President Jeffrey Immelt, and the Obama Administration. Immelt and G.E. are expected to get billions of dollars by producing “green equipment” that the Obama Administration wants. I wonder who G.E. Is going to support in the election of 2012? That's not a hard question to answer, is it?

So I ask the question again, “Are we stupid, or What”? You make the call.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Stan Haas said...

Drill baby, drill - that was the cry before the Gulf oil spill and than it died out, but after all the "doom and gloom" evironmental whacko's fear tactics have proved to be vapid, we should go all out and exploit our god-given natural resources and keep our money right here at home instead of fattening the wallets of unfriendly dictators around the world. As Chuck said, "Are we stupid or what"?

Tom Foley said...

John Adams, one of our founding fathers, said the following, "In my many years, I have come to the conclusion that one useless man is a shame, two is a law firm, and three or more is a Congress". With the insane policy set down by Obama and the Democrats regarding energy, there is no wonder why our country is economically screwed up. The Energy Dep't. which was set up under Pres. Carter to wean us off foreign oil when we imported about 30% of our oil, has a record of weaning us "UP" to over 60% of our oil now imported, with over 120,000 employees and a budget of $24 billion. Are we stupid or what?

Joe Dolan said...

Isn't it amazing that Obama tries to demonize the oil Co.'s, the pharma Co.'s, Wall Street, and other big busnesses, but the first place he goes to for campaign funds are those very same Co.'s. And what also is amazing is that those companies actually donate money to Obama. Are they stupid, or what?