Monday, May 30, 2011

Obama: "Muck-up-in-Chief"

This president is bad at American history; bad at diplomacy; bad at civil discourse; bad at human relations; bad at public relations; bad at making friends; bad at maintaining traditional relationships with our allies; bad at facing problems much less fixing them; bad on matters to do with economics; bad on national security; bad on illegal immigration; bad on equal justice under the law; bad on issues of morality; bad at standing by former friends; bad at standing by former associates; bad at selecting qualified members to his administrative team; bad at choosing his policy advisors; bad at choosing the venues for his speech-making; bad at convincing our military that he recognizes what they are all about; bad at understanding what The Constitution means and what it stands for; bad at protecting our citizens; bad at bringing this nation together; bad at promoting the successes of our free-market society; bad at promoting national healing as opposed to racism and class warfare; bad on energy policies that benefit our country; bad on policies that protect us from environmental wack-jobs; bad on leadership in the Congress; super-bad on timing; bad at accepting blame for any of his decisions; bad at making decisions; bad at prioritizing our nation's important issues; bad at working within the traditional parameters of the presidency; bad at timing his overseas junkets; bad at representing the best this nation has to offer; bad at understanding the threats to our survival against the fanaticism of Islam; bad at looking presidential; bad at simply looking "American"; bad at setting an example as a patriotic president of all the people of the United States; bad at even giving the impression that he is the moral or spiritual leader of this nation.

As usual, Obama's latest mixed-message regarding this nation's relationship with Israel is just another example of his propensity to never miss an opportunity to muck-up an opportunity.

This man is a bagful of disconnects and short-circuits. I believe that despite how articulate his supporters claim him to be, he is physiologically incapable of speaking in a straight-forward manner. I truly believe that it goes against his nature to make an unequivocal statement that doesn't leave him wiggle room to later, 'correct a misunderstanding of his meaning'.

Now, about his being a shoe-in for a second term . . . . . .

Conservative Commentary by MORT KUFF © 2011

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Eric Crosley said...

Obama is a perfect candidate for being a poster boy for "Murphy's Law"(whatever can go wrong will go wrong). He tries hard to please everybody, but he winds up pleasing nobody (except the idol worshiping Obamamaniacs). His inexperiece is glaring in its ineptness and arrogance. He tries to act sophisticated, but he winds up acting like a dolt. Oh, I forgot - I must be a racist for criticizing the Messiah. I humbly apologize.

Simpson Marine said...

Obummer spits on the Constitution. He is out there making speeches today after he called our great Military the most vulgar names. He is soiling the White House every day!

Anonymous said...

I know Mort! How could this Chicago Thug even consider a second Term? The Democrats are nasty and vile!