Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I Wonder Why?

I came across an interesting editorial in the Wall Street Journal that stated that the big, bad, evil State of Wisconsin with that “evil union busting” Governor, Scott Walker, has jumped from 41st to 24th in the “Chief Executive” magazine's rating of states as to their friendliness toward business. That was the biggest jump of any state, even though the Walker Administration has been in office only four months. I wonder why, don't you?

Governor Walker has been outspoken about wanting to be more business friendly and being fiscally responsible. Actions speak louder than words and Governor Walker has put his money where his mouth is. Creating a financially leaner government and a more business friendly state, is the goal of Walker and the state legislature, both being majority Republican, as a result of the election of November, 2010. There is no doubt, he has shaken up the establishment and he has created an atmosphere whereby business would like to set up shop in the State of Wisconsin. The opposite has happened in the Democrat controlled neighboring State of Illinois which has proposed raising taxes on both businesses and taxpayers.

Out of 50 states, not the 57 states Obama thinks are in our union, the top five states for being business friendly, according to the survey, were Texas, North Carolina, Florida, Tennessee, and Georgia. Did you notice all of them were southern right-to-work states? I wonder why? The cost of operating a business in those states is enhanced by the economic policies of the politicians who run those states. People are migrating to those states, and other business friendly states, in greater numbers than ever before, because that's where the jobs are. You could say, these people are voting with their feet – and who would blame them?

Where are these people, who are moving, coming from? You guessed it, the usual suspect states in descending order, #50 – Michigan, #49 – New Jersey (before new Governor Chris Christie has had a chance to turn things around), #48 – Illinois, #47 – New York, #46 – California. Illinois, in fact, has dropped 40 places in five years, and as the magazine points out, “it is now in a death spiral” due to it's present fiscal policies.

Why do liberal (a/k/a Progressives) politicians (mostly Democrats) put their heads in the sand and continue on their “class warfare” policies of taxing the the “rich” excessively (most of whom are small businesses) and by passing onerous job-killing regulations?

The “poster child” for stupid economic and fiscal policies can be found in the once vibrant City of Detroit. That city is our “Dresden” of today. It is an economic basket case, and still the crazy people of Detroit continue to vote for the same type of politicians whose policies continue to keep them in poverty and their city in disarray. I wonder why, don't you?

Now you don't have to wonder why the policies of the Obama Administration will continue to create more Detroit's in the future. He's following the same policies as those states that are about to fall off the financial cliff and into an economic abyss. A change in leadership must occur in 2012, or we all will become a economic basket case.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Charles Frame said...

Is the destruction of our country tht No. 1 prriority of the Democrats (a/k/a Progrsssives)by trying to get votes by giving "freebies" (entitlements) to people at no cost to them? But, it is the rest of us who will have to pay for this largess, and most of us resent having to pay our taxes to support these freeloaders looking for handouts. And you wonder why people leave the country or move to more hospitable areas of the country? Wake up America, you've got to get that cancer out of the White House in 2012.

Frank Langan said...

Tax the rich some more. That is the battle cry of the misinformed liberals. I read in the WSJ, awhile back, that if you taxed the top 2% of the richest Americans at the rate of 100%, you still wouldn't make a dent in our outrageous budget deficit. The Democrats will ride that shibboleth of "class warfare" until the American people say "no mas". The real money resides in the vast middle class, that's where the government revenue is and it's only a matter of time before the Democrats tap this "mother lode". If Obama gets re-elected, hold on to your wallets, he'll be coming after it with a vengeance. Wake up America!