Monday, May 9, 2011

Booking in advance

MORT's Meanderings:

Sadly, there is ample evidence leading to the conclusion that Barack Hussein Obama is careening toward a cataclysmic breakdown of some sort.

His initiatives that have repeatedly fallen flat on their face, are beginning to have a cumulative affect on his psyche. He is simply unable to deal with it. His arrogance that has become so blatant and obvious in his speeches, each of which contains outright lies, untruths, prevarications, falsehoods and fabrications, has reached new heights. It is painfully clear that the man is on the verge of an emotional collapse or mental breakdown as a result of his inability to handle the pressure of office or the public's increasing alienation regarding his failed policies. He is physiologically incapable of coping with adversity. It must be eating him up, alive. And, that's okay. Some of us have a cross to bear. Some, a Star of David. This cat must bear the hammer & sickle of the Communist Party. Or, maybe he is faltering under the weight of the Crescent & Crossed Swords of radical Islam, the religion of peace. Whatever.

My concern is the affect that his ultimate demise will have on the 'Arab Street'. Will his untimely passing (a matter for serious discussion) cause rioting in the streets? Will it cause the peace-loving moderate Muslims to become agitated and will it generate a degree of hatred we haven't seen before? Is that possible? Should photos of him 'after', be permitted to be displayed in public? Is there space on The Mall in Washington for a monument the size and scope that would be befitting to the memory of, 'The One'? Are plans already underway for the grandest funeral in tribute to the grandest of all Presidents ever to trod this Earth?

All these questions are beyond this writer's pay grade of course however, while I never got to be a Boy Scout I do subscribe to the motto, "Be Prepared".

And so, I would like to suggest to whomever makes these arrangements, that the aircraft carrier CVN-70 U.S.S. Carl Vinson, be placed on alert status. Because. at some time in the relatively near future, it is probable that this ship and its personnel will be called upon to repeat a recent top-secret exercise. No other front-line vessel in our fleet has the directly-related experience of burying a high-profile Muslim at sea, as does this ship and its crew. The successful completion of that specific onerous task has vaulted the 'Vinson' to the position as, vessel-of-choice for the performance of that duty if heaven forfend, it should ever be needed again.

I'm just sayin' - - "Be Prepared".

Conservative Commentary by MORT KUFF © 2011

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Florida Insurance said...

America needs an Insurance Policy with the current situation. Yes, the outright arrogance is just a facade for the lies and ignorance

Giro Briganti said...

Obama says we don't want to "spike the football" and gloat over the death of Osama bin Laden, but what is he doing by going around on all these photo-ops telling everyone what a great job he did in giving the O.K. to the brave Seals in doing their job? You'd think that our "Community Organizer in Chief" was in on the planning of the raid the way he's carrying on. Just like his doctored birth certficate, he is a fraud and an imposter to the thone.