Monday, May 2, 2011

What Better Stuff Does Barack Obama Have In Store For Us If Elected In 2012

For sure, something is terribly wrong with the mainstream media, and an avaricious electorate, who choose to close their eyes, turn a deaf ear, and blindly support the Obama administrations new campaign mantra "Better Stuff" he has in store for this nation that probably would continue to lead us down an arranged path of subversive controlled governance causing us to lose our identity as the Land of the Free.

The promise of Better Stuff 2012, the new campaign speech obviously is intended to replace the Hope and Change fiery campaign promises of 2008 which has all but thrown this nation into continuing economic insolvency, and political upheaval, class warfare, and racial distinction by pure political partisan party design for power advantage.

As the world turns, and the useful ideological idiots cannot, or will not, realize that the speech of "I Have Better Things I Have To Do" is another one of Barack Obama’s manipulative maneuvers to obfuscate the BC issue and more importantly issues threatening the health, wealth, freedom under our Constitutional birthright. So much damage has already been done. What else does he have in mind.

The promise of his Hope and Change rhetoric has failed with its Utopian promises, and has only swept us into the upheaval and turmoil hovering and lingering over this Republic by the revolutionary religiously inspired uprisings so called fight for freedom and democracy in the Mid East that threaten the possibility of reaching our shores, since our Declaration of Independence.

The closest we have ever encountered war as close as it had come to touch our lives was the 911 terrorist suicidal destruction of the Twin Towers.

Threat of annihilating the nation of Israel, our staunch and revered ally in the Mid East, by Islams religious zealots, is unacceptable. Israels right to exist has been strongly supported by previous administrations. Present political decisions create doubts of our survival as well unfortunately, because we would support Israels right to exist, faithfully and unfalteringly.

The White House sentiments as never before so, openly supported presently ruled Palestine by the terrorist organization Hamas who continue to bomb Israel unrelentlessly, being a recognized branch of Iran, who have a vision of nuclear bombs bursting in air over our head, and Israel. The audacity and disrespect toward PM Netanyahu speaks volumes, and not only questions by glaringly voiced partisanship doubt of survival of either one of us, or both, if need be.

The Barack Obama administration must be replaced in 2012 if not sooner. If the truth be told, crimes and misdemeanor issues need to be dealt with that are being cloaked by party politics and opposing weak and fearful leadership.

"Why and where have all the good investigative true non-partisan patriotic journalists gone. That’s a good question. Does anyone have the answer??????

Barack Obama is in over his head, if it were not for the shadow government lurking behind the curtain of his Presidency calling the shots, he would have, or certainly should have, been impeached for many crimes and misdemeanors and subversive sentiments perpetrated on the American People.

Predictably, and hopefully, he will be caught in a major decision threatening our free capital enterprise system as he segues us into complete governmental control, that even the useful idiot supporters will resent because their avaricious dream for Free Stuff offered, as a euphoric myth, will be exposed by the reality of premeditated communist/Marxist rule when the taxman cometh.

The Donkey and the Elephant have their political partisan battles, that’s okay, its called Democracy but battling with the flag bearers of the Hammer and Sickle is a dangerous designed adventure to be shunned by strong patriotic love for our country, our flag of stars and stripes, and that for which it stands.

Unless we heal ourselves, we are destined to rue the consequences of an election that failed to uphold the oath of office it swore on the Holy Bible to do, and it could happen again.

When all is said and done, actions do speak louder than words, recognizing that a speech is a tool to honestly inform and educate, but must be worn as a badge of honor. If it is a falsified campaign speech to simply get a vote, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

The tales these hotshot professional politicians weave in order to deceive an idealistic electorate is a well practiced art and well thought out misrepresentation. Ripley said it so well, Believe it or not.

Barack Obama is eloqutionally endowed, he sure can make a resounding speech, especially when he campaigns which is his forte'. Will it heal the trials and tribulations we now face, or alter the assaults and insults mankind here and abroad face, of course not. The man is totally unequipped and inexperienced in economics and foreign policy executively and administratively.

Besides Barack Obama being a fraud, he lies so easily and impressively. He has been well taught by the corrupt Chicago Southside political machine and its unionized tyrannical leadership where he became so adept at organizing the misinformed and misguided innocent resident how to cast a vote aiding and abetting Chicago’s history of deceit and corruption.

We have reached a frightening stage in our history, and in order to preserve the legacy of our Founding Fathers must fight with every breath within us by the use of our right to vote the interlopers and charlatans out of office, who threaten our designated freedoms, and replace them with patriotic certifiably equipped experienced leadership that will restore our Republics Constitutional ideals, principles, and rule of law to its rightful place in history.

President Barack Obama was hired by the vote, but because of ineptness, and many distortions of the truth, he must be fired by the vote.

Conservative commentary by Helen Goodman

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Gary Reynolds said...

If campaigning was a virtue, Obama should be a candiate for inclusion on Mt. Rushmore. Being a great campaigner doesn't necessarily carry over to being a great administraor or, for that matter, a great president. Since he took the oath of office, he has been on a non-stop quest for votes for his re-election. He probably doesn't know where the oval office is as he is hardly ever in the vicinity of the White House. Vacations, golf tee times, state dinners, pick-up basketball games, and being the featured speaker at numerous Democrat fund-raisers seems to be his all consuming method of performing his job as president. What a waste of time and energy as our country goes into the dumper.

America is Broke! said...

All the vacations, all the corruption, all the anti-American czars, all the spending and there are People thinking of allowing B. Hussien Osama to run again? Insane!