Monday, April 11, 2011

MORT's Meandering​s

A Saturday, April 9, 2011 headline in the South Florida SunSentinel shouted: "Congress reaches agreement".

This is a newspaper that is not renowned for accuracy in its headlines or for that matter, in much of the content included in the articles that follow. In this particular instance, it would have been more accurate to have written: "Obama, Reid and Boehner reached agreement". For, that is the trio of players who purportedly, worked so diligently to hammer out an agreement of sorts, on our behalf. That it will pose far more questions and more clanging controversy than it resolves, is anticipated. This was not the kind of session where it could have reasonably been expected that all the 'i's' would be dotted and all the 't's' would be crossed.

An agreement yielding such meager results could have been reached weeks ago, had it been held more appropriately at Appomattox Courthouse, VA, - the site of Gen. Lee's surrender of the Confederacy to Union General, Gen. Grant that ended the Civil War in April, 1865.

Surrenders are always scenes of great exuberance for the winners and depressive defeat for the losers. In this case that I shall henceforth refer to as, 'The Great Surrender of April 8, 2011' - there were two winners: Obama and Reid - and two losers: Boehner and the American people. What a sham. What a travesty. What a missed opportunity. How depressing. How disheartening. How patently unprincipled and how disgustingly, unAmerican.

What this exercise-in-futility proved beyond argument, is that there is a vast dark and dank swamp, filled with self-serving Democrats, including the Democrat president, the Democrat leadership in the Congress and the Democrat 'rank & foul', who are not serious or even concerned about preserving this nation or its people. This corrupt gang, for that is what they are - a corrupt gang - exists solely to gain and retain as much control over this nation as it (they) can possibly grab by whatever noble or nefarious means are at hand. Their entire reason for being is to achieve and protect their power to tax, spend and control. Apparently, it never crosses their minds that they are killing the goose that lays the golden eggs. Or if it does enter their consciousness, they deny that thought and instead, laser-focus on any immediate gain that inures to their own personal benefit.

Additionally, what was proven beyond question is that this exercise did not serve to separate the men from the boys. Since there were no men involved, the question is moot. I am not impugning House Leader John Boehner's manhood; I believe that he did in fact, put forth his best effort. Sadly, that effort fell short. Boehner is no George Washington nor is he a Ronald Reagan - and I am convinced that it will take a man whose qualities of leadership at the very least, approach those of these two giants among men, in order to successfully engage and defeat the legion of narcissistic ideologues who support 'Obama's Dictraitorship' (MORT KUFF © 2011).

Yet another and possibly the most significant result of this latest episode in the ludicrous passion play that it has been our misfortune to witness since Obama's Immaculate Inauguration, is that the hypocrisy of the Democrats has been personified in the persons of the president and his Democrat enablers in the Congress.

There can be no doubt whatsoever, that this corrupt gang of bureaucrats has chosen politics over principle. Their rule of thumb is:
"Say and do whatever it takes to suppress any and all who oppose our complete control of all aspects of American life."

Need more proof? Then, just sit back and let it happen, my friends.

Those who will not learn the harsh lessons history teaches about tyrannical dictatorships, are doomed to experience the latest manifestation of this litany of vicious regimes - it is called, the Obama administration.

Conservative Commentary by MORT KUFF © 2011

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Joseph Hauser said...

A less than 1% "cut" in a $3.7 trillion budget is laughable, especially during the Obama recession. What kind of economic nonsense do the liberals put forth by claiming that we must spend more to cut the deficit? Are they for real? Even a "D" student in Economics 101 can tell you that when you are in debt, over your head, you cut back on your spending. Shouldn't we be able to get along at 2008 spending levels? Maybe if Obama had some business experience, he might see the fallacy of his policies, unless of course, that he is following the plan set forth by one of his mentors, Saul Alinsky.

Stop Tom Hanks said...

We all have to sacrifice except Planned Parenthood. We need Planned parenthood to help support the Chicago Pimps so they can improve their product at our expense. Obama is against America, plain and simple!

Anonymous said...

Obama and Reid are a joke!

Sal said...

Does Obama care what this Country will be like for his daughters? I guess he will so rich with money from Liberals and our Tax dollars that they will live like Queens.