Thursday, April 21, 2011

Obama: Stay out of my life

Obama, you are one very rotten apple that is not satisfied with just spoiling all the other apples in the barrel, you are trying your damndest to spoil the entire orchard.

Your effort to 'redistribute wealth' in our society, is from a page ripped out of the Marxist-Socialist ideology that has failed everyplace and every time it has been tried over the past couple of centuries. If you weren't blind to reason as a result of your early indoctrination into Muslim dogma and if you were not so painfully ignorant of world history, you would know that.

Your effort to 'by-pass our Constitution' and all the other Founding documents of this nation, also represents your total acquiescence with a host of lunatic premises printed on the pages of 'How-To-Books-for-Revolutionaries' that apparently, comprised the totality of your education - the missing records from your alleged matriculation at Columbia and Harvard, notwithstanding.

Your efforts to 'homogenize our free society' into the vile-tasting stew that is the European Union, via your 'suck-ups' to the United Nations, is traitorous to our most sacred, sovereign traditions. Your pursuit of this ignominious end to our cherished independence, is proof positive of your departure from all that Americans have held dear since we declared our independence from England in 1776. You are a Chicago street organizer and you just don't get it - and you never will.

As if all the preceding examples of your unfitness to be our President were not sufficient to throw you out with the kitchen waste, you've topped yourself by your ill-conceived, clumsy attempt to co-opt the Passover Holidays of the Jewish faith, by staging your own Muslim-oriented, distorted farce of a Seder service. You've gone too far. Who in the hell do you think you are, to have to have the chutzpah, nerve, gall, stupidity and hypocrisy it takes to attempt to equate Easter with Passover or Passover with Easter? In your thuggish arrogance, you seem to have convinced yourself that there is some sort of moral equivalence between these two celebrations. Let me enlighten you, you boob - Easter is a Christian celebration; Passover is a Jewish celebration. While they might be celebrated in close proximity on the calendar, they are not the same. You cannot make them the same. Nor, will I permit you to misuse the power you've been granted by a majority of the misguided electorate, to pound these celebrations into the same mould for your political purposes. These two celebrations cannot be lumped into a 'universal' holiday to suit your warped whim.

When you usurp the Passover celebration and make a charade of its traditions and ceremonies, you blaspheme the significance and the very essence of the historic religious celebration that has been held near and dear to the hearts of Jews for thousands of years.

Get away from my beliefs, Obama. Stay out of my life. Get out of the way. You are a meddlesome pariah. You are the quintessential rotten apple.

Take up residence where you can feel more at home. Go live in one of the burgeoning Muslim-dominated populations around the world. Give them your sage advice. Suck up to them; homogenize them; even the playing fields someplace else. Take an apology tour of the world (at your own expense of course, no Air Force One) and go redistribute the wealth of Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria, Thailand, Africa, Asia, Central and South America, China, Russia, France, the Netherlands, Spain and Greece. Have a ball. But, get the hell out of my life, you bum.

Conservative Commentary by MORT KUFF © 2011

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Debra Burlingame FAN said...

How many times do we have to hear Progressives say well Europe has this or Europe has that? What about the Riots, the exorbitant gas prices, UN-employment is sky high and many of the Countries are going Bankrupt. Obama does not care for America. He hates Our Military as he was taught the Karl Marx way and using Brownshirts.

Ned Johnson said...

Obama is like the "crazy uncle" at a family celebration. Everybody bends over backwards to accommodate his eccentricities, as he is part of the family (speaking about Democrats, of course). But deep down they know him to be a flawed person. All his most ardent supporters will go down with the ship as they they have too much personal capital invested in him to let him fail. Does that describe the main street media? You bet it does.

Anonymous said...

Obama is an angry Thug

Slimster said...

Standard & Poor drops our Rating? Obama is achieving his goal, making a once Great Country, just Standard and the People becoming very POOR!