Thursday, April 14, 2011

IN ONE EAR.........

The complete idiom is, “In one ear and out the other”, which means something heard but not remembered or not heeded.

Does that not describe the actions of President Obama, Senate Minority leader Harry Reid and ex-Speaker Pelosi, in their assessment of the latest election results and the policies that they so forcefully shoved down the throats of the American public? Nancy “Botox” Pelosi threw a victory party for all her minions in the House of Representatives in a “phone booth” (even that was too big) on Capitol Hill. After the worst defeat in almost 60 years, she is still strutting around the track claiming victory. Is she detached from reality or what? In addition, as the leader who led her party in ignominious defeat, she wanted to continue as the leader of the now minority Democrat caucus, and the Democrat congressmen voted for her. That shows that the Democrats seem to have a “deaf ear” when it comes to interpreting the election results. We, the Republicans, couldn't be happier as she will be the gift that will keep on giving for the next two years.

Her boss, the “Appeaser in Chief”, Barack Hussein Obama, is going around saying that the reason people are angry and took it out on the Democrats was because of bad communications. Really? Is he from the same planet as the rest of us? During his 2 years (plus) in office, he has been on T.V., town hall meetings, backyards, and press conferences endlessly, exhorting people to get behind his expansive government agenda. The voters rejected him and his policies overwhelmingly on Nov.2 and they threw out of office many of the “lemmings” that supported his Marxist/Socialist agenda including some long-time Democrat committee chairmen and some sitting Senators. Obama didn't have a communications problem, he had a credibility problem. I really should go easy on Pres. Obama... after all just a short time ago (on Nov. 2) he got jobs for 63 Republicans in Congress. Now, that's progress that should not be overlooked.

Unlike the former Democrat President, Bill Clinton, who changed course after the Democrat election debacle of 1994, when the G.O.P. took over both houses of Congress, Obama seems hell-bent on continuing his ruinous policies, come hell or high water. He will sound like a “moderate” (like he did in his State of the Union speech), but watch what he does. He will say or do anything that might possibly get him re-elected in 2012. Don't be fooled by his “soothing” rhetoric, because as I've said before, “you can't polish horse manure”.

We, the opposition, encourage Obama, Reid and Pelosi to continue on their merry Marxist/Socialist way, as that will guarantee a G.O.P. victory in 2012. They do not seem to grasp what the effects of their policies have had on the citizens of our country. The pleas of some of the rank-and-file Democrats seem to be “going in one ear and out the other” much to the consternation of those hapless members of the Democrat Party who really are moderates.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Stop Marxism said...

We need a Republican who will not be afraid to point out how Obama loves Marxism and hates America. This should be so easy to defeat this Community Organizer so Republicans don't screw it up

John Grillo said...

What a disgrace our "Pharoah in Chief" was when he gave a political speech about our budget and deficit, instead of giving a meaningful policy speech informing us what he would plan to do besides raising our taxes. The money he thinks he will get by "soaking" the rich would only just scratch the surface, as the real money will have to come from his "beloved" middle-class. He will try to buy the voters by offering them a "free lunch", hopefully, the middle-class won't buy this pig-in-a-poke, as it will be they who have to pay the price not the demonized rich.

Not an Al Gore fan said...

Why does he want to soak the Rich, especially the typical WHITE PERSON (His words)? When he and Billy Ayers wrote his book they specified obama's dislike for White People. He is not a Leader, just a Bully, a Chicago Thug.