Monday, April 25, 2011

Does Obama Have a Tin Ear?

No, I'm not referring to his protruding ears, I'm referring to his inability to respond to what's happening around him. He hears but he doesn't adapt to what he hears or to change his ways.

Since his “idol worshipers” have proclaimed him a “genius”, he must know that his policies, or lack thereof, are not sitting well with the American people. Over 60% of the citizens don't like ObamaCare and want the act repealed. Does that change his thoughts on the subject, of course not, he just digs in more firmly and forcefully? Remember, he's so smart he knows what's best for us.

In addition, he must know, or should know, that his energy policies are helping raise the prices on oil, gasoline, natural gas, and coal. He said, during his campaign for president, that he wanted the cost of exploring and producing fossil fuels to rise so that we'd concentrate more on providing “clean” energy. He said we'd be “paying through the nose” and he is making good on his pledge. Where does that leave the average Joe? It leaves him with less money in his pocket, as inflation not only hits him at the gas pump, but also the goods and services he buys in the store as it now costs more to deliver those goods and services which we want to buy. Now, with the disaster in Japan, he has an excuse to be against nuclear energy as well. Think of how many decent paying jobs could be filled if he didn't have a “tin ear” about opening up our vast supply of energy just laying there in the ANWR Wildlife Refuge in Alaska, off-shore in the Gulf of Mexico and along the Pacific and Atlantic coasts, and the vast untapped supply of oil shale in our Rocky Mountains etc. These well-paying jobs are just waiting to be filled just waiting for the Obama Administration to give the O.K. to start exploring.

On the foreign policy front, he seems to have disappeared from view. It seems he can find time to play basketball, golf, and fund-raise for the Democrats, but can't find the time to exert leadership around the world like a U.S. President should in times of crisis. We are really becoming a “paper tiger”, and in many places the laughing stock around the world. He seems to be “mailing it in” (going through the motions), just like he did as an Illinois State Senator when he voted “present” over 130 times. It seems like he just can't make a decision - he's all talk and no action. What a waste of talent for someone so “smart”!

Besides Obama, his pals in the Democrat Party seem to also have a “tin ear”. The people overwhelmingly voted on Nov. 2, 2010 to change the way Wash. D.C. and the various state houses should be run, and to stop spending money we don't have. Where did these “knuckleheads” get their education – at Disney World? We have amassed over a $14 trillion debt and the Democrats want to still spend more money. It seems that they are addicted to spending our money which we do not have. As Michael Savage once opined, “Liberalism is a mental disorder”, and from their actions, they are proving his point.

Let's remove the “tin” from Obama and the Democrats ears and pump in some good old common sense so that our country will again be No.1 in the world in economics, diplomacy, and leadership. All we need is a President with some “kahones”. God bless America!

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Pinal County said...

We have a President who wants to lower our standard of living. While he & his THUGS live like Kings! Liberalism is a disease and that disease is hurting America.

Jack Cusack said...

Oh, if he only governes like he campaigns. He, Obama, has been a tireless campaigner for over two years now while the country goes to hell. Since he has all the signs of being a true narcissist, he doesn't listen to the citizens who are crying out for our country to be fiscally responsible, as he, Barack Hussein Obama, knows best. If we don't get rid of this cancer in 2012, we'll join the ranks of a third world country. God help us!