Friday, August 21, 2009


Although it was not earth shattering news, the fact that the greatest golfer in the world lost a golf tournament pointed up the fact that Tiger Woods is human after all, and not unbeatable.

The same can’t be said of the “Obamamaniacs” who have their idol on such a high pedestal that they can’t envision the pedestal being toppled by his ineptitude in domestic and foreign affairs. Their blurred vision about his recent failures is why these “idol worshippers” are getting so angry and viciously personal at Obama’s opponents. As Obama’s poll numbers keep going down and down, they lash out by calling people who challenge the policies of Obama and the Democrats vile names, such as racists, brown shirts, and evil mongers. It seems that all the frustration that the “Obamamaniacs” held in for the 8 years of the Bush Administration, has blinded them to the facts of what’s happening to his inarticulate policies and personal popularity by their unstinting adherence to their “loony liberal” ideology.

Their hero, Obama, who is afflicted with an advanced case of narcissism, has also brought upon himself a severe case of CRI (Cranial Rectal Inversion). He seems to have a deaf ear as to what the average citizens are saying about his attempt to socialize the country by having government control our lives by instituting the “nanny state”. He and his cronies are lashing out at the average Joe and Jane by calling them names, all because they question him and his policies. How stupid and un-American is that?

Let’s hope we will be able to muddle through 3 ½ more years of this inept Obama Administration so he can be voted out in 2012. A Tiger Woods he is not!

Written by Chuck Lehmann

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Anonymous said...

Great site, you guys rock.

Randy's Right

Cowboy said...

Chuck your site has inspired my friend and I to start our own. Check out the "Left and Right" on the same site. Great job and great inspiration. Thanks

Tim Patton said...

Obama, Pelosi & Reid have no desire to listen to average Joe Americans. They think they know what is right for us and especially BHO needs to punish us, Americans.