Monday, August 17, 2009


Remember, Shakespeare once put forward the phrase, “To be or not to be, that is the question”? Well today, with the price of gasoline hovering around the price of $2.75 per gallon, the debate has been joined between two political ideologies, “to drill or not to drill”, that is the question today. On one side, are the people who want to tap our plentiful natural resources to get more oil, natural gas, coal, plus investing in clean nuclear power. On the other side, are the ardent environmentalists and the leaders of the Democratic Party, and many of their naive followers.

To me, as a commentator on the passing scene, I fall on the side of exploring for and using our natural resources to help in alleviating our thirst for energy and for us not to have to rely on foreign sources of energy for our needs. With us spending over $700 billion a year to foreign countries, many of whom are not our true friends, such as Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, and Russia, for obtaining much of our badly needed energy, it is a no-brainer to utilize what we have on land or off the continental shelf, to help us lessen our need for these unreliable sources of energy and keep most of that $700 billion here in the good ole U.S.A.

Yes, the critics are correct, that we cannot drill our way out of our energy problems, but by being less dependent on others, and giving us a larger energy supply, it will keep our country safer by not having to rely on unstable sources of energy in areas that are very volatile and hostile to the U.S. So, besides being a supply problem, it is also a national security problem. Of course, we must look for and develop alternative forms of energy to help wean us off carbon based fuels. But, with the high price of oil and natural gas today, it makes it much more feasible and cost efficient to develop other forms of energy that are renewable. It is not either/or, but both. We need bold leadership, in this area, to push for the “whole enchilada”, more oil, more coal, more solar, more wind, more hydro etc., etc. We can do it all, just like we did in putting a man on the moon in 1969.

Locally, we have a choice in 2010 to choose representatives that are in favor of this idea of doing it “all”. Congressional candidates Allen West in Fl.’s 22nd C.D., and Ed Lynch, in Fl.’s 19th C.D., have both come out in favor of developing “all” sources of energy. Their opponents have boxed themselves in, mainly for partisan political purposes, by being adamantly against exploration, drilling and mining under the guise that by doing so, we would be despoiling our environment for little or no gain. They seem to be afflicted with that medical condition called “Cranial Rectal Inversion” and the Democratic candidates seem to have a natural tendency to succumb to this malady more so than Republicans.

If you agree with me, you must get rid of the “rascals”, who have this medical condition called CRI, and you must vote into office, people who will represent you and your needs, and not just the needs of the “nay saying” Democrats and their political party. Voting for Allen West and Ed Lynch is a beginning in trying to answer that question of whether to “drill or not to drill”. Now, go do the right thing in 2010 and support these candidates who support you, either physically or financially. We could see another 1994 in 2010 if we all pull together.

Written by Chuck Lehmann

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Baron said...

Not only do we know how to find the deposits of oil and gas we did not know about before we also have the ability to drill for oil & gas that was not economical to extract before, right in the USA

Warren, i am the Mob said...

We have enough oil to keep us off the OPEC syringe for decades, and can develop alternative fuels en masse via the free market. Drill now, it's time.

Oregon John said...

The biggest lie by the environmentalists is that drilling in the ANWA will destroy the majestic beauty of that region. Yes, much of ANWA is magnificent, but the drilling would be done in a barren plane populated by billions of mosquitoes.

Simpson said...

To: all members of the House and Senate.You are public servants, I am one of your bosses. The majority of us direct you to drill for oil on and around the North American continent. Ignore the lunatic ravings of the radical environmentalists. They are ignorant and wacko.(see Albert Gore, one of the chief ignoramuses(sic,maybe) of the movement). I need gas to get to work so you are able to extort my wages. You people make over $100,000 a year. Most of you are over-paid and under performing con artists. God save the people of this REPUBLIC