Thursday, August 13, 2009

Narcissist in Chief

In reference to John Lillipop’s article, “RIP, Obamamania” posted in The Great Canada Free Press.

You hit a homerun with this article about our "Narcissist in Chief", Barack Hussein Obama. His followers are in a hypnotic state and no matter what he says or does, he can do no wrong. He's out there touting a health care bill he knows practically nothing about as it has been drafted solely by the Congress with just minimal input by the leader of the country. On Tuesday, this genius, who's resume could be entitled the "Audacity of Hype", made the following analogy in championing the public option (government option). He said that FedEx and UPS are successful operating against the competition of the U.S Post Office as only the Post Office is having financial problems (what's few billion dollars worth of financial problems?). Now let me get this straight, the private companies are successful and making a profit, but we should model our health care system by referencing the operation of the money losing Post Office as a reason to institute government run health care? And this guy is considered a genius by his Kool-Aid drinking idol worshippers? Yes folks, these are the people in charge of our government. Did you notice that most all the members of his administration are lawyers and not businessmen or doctors? Most of them have never even had the opportunity of running a business, or meeting a payroll or to have to answer to the stockholders, but, mystically, they now can run 1/6 of our economy and cover more people and cut costs at the same time. Yeah sure, and the moon is made out of green cheese! We are in deep doo-doo if we can't stop this insanity before it gets a toe-hold in our country by ruining our economy and free enterprise system.
God help us!
Submitted by Chuck Lehmann

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Shirley iamthemob said...

The "Enemy within" best describes the current actions of this Anti-Capitalist administration

Knee Capper iamthemob said...

I can NOT believe the MSM and 52% of Americans were too lazy to pick up a book and see this BHO for what he is. Racist thoughts, having racists, Mad Bombers and crooks for friends. Did they expect him to Change???