Thursday, August 13, 2009

Some Questions

Since it is a rainy day here in St. Pete I thought of some questions that I would love to pose to liberals and Obama-robots.

1. If the health care system in Canada and Britain are so great, why do citizens of those countries come here for operations and medical procedures but no U.S. citizens seem to go to those countries?

2. Sean Penn and the Hollywood elite love Chavez and Castro and have made pilgrimages to Cuba, Venezuela, and other Communist countries praising the system they live under. Why don’t these numb nuts move to those countries to reap all the “benefits” they have to offer?

3. Recently, President Obama said FedEx and UPS “are doing just fine. It’s the Post Office that is having problems.” Since both FedEx and UPS are private companies and the Post Office is part of the government, why does Obama think the government can run health care in the U.S. in an efficient manner? In fact, can anyone think of any government agency or program more efficient than private enterprise?

4. For years all we heard from liberals and the media was about was the “quagmire” of Iraq under Bush. How come there now there is deafening silence about Afghanistan under Obama?

5. Recently, Democratic leaders have been reciting the same litany of phrases to describe any opponent of Obama and/or his health care proposals. The opponents and media have been described as dressed in Brooks Brothers attire, mobs, etc. First, who thinks of these descriptions and how come so many writers and politicians use the same words? Second, why are nicely dressed demonstrators somehow evil but long-haired, slovenly dressed liberals described in such glowing terms?

6. We have been told by Al Gore and his environmental nitwit friends that we have to cut down on carbon admissions caused by driving and flying. Why don’t Gore and his elite friends take public transportation, car pool, take commercial flights, etc. instead of using private aircraft, limos, etc. to get around?

7. Why was it evil for auto manufacturers CEOs to take private aircraft flights to testify in D.C. but it is OK for Empress Pelosi to spend taxpayers money to purchase $200 million for a fleet of Gulfstream private jets so that she, Reid, and her friends can fly to and from D.C.?
By Jim Pirretti

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Sherman said...

Great questions to have answered by the Obama Maniacs. There is a remarkable and palpable fear abroad in this land - not a fear of terrorism, but a fear of speaking up, a fear of being labeled as "different" or as a "troublemaker."

Allan Frick said...

It the world were left up to naive lefties, we'd have nothing but mudhuts in the world, just like in Cuba. Where in the world has socialism or communism ever flourished and contributed to the world?

Markham said...

The goals of Liberals are a totalitarian, Fascist state. Which are reflected in the ramblings of liberal politicians and Hollywood idiots. They say they want peace, but the sort of peace they seek is more akin to slavery then it is the ideals upon which America was founded.
I am the Mob