Thursday, August 6, 2009

Drilling Off the Florida Coast

Do you recall the hue and cry from the St. Pete Times, other newspapers, Senator Nelson, and the environmentalists when oil drilling was suggested 45 miles off of the Florida coast? Well, it looks like that oil drilling program will begin – but not by the U.S. but by Russia! It seems that Russia and Cuba have signed a deal that would allow Russia to drill for oil 45 miles off the Florida coast. In addition to Russia, Cuba has signed contracts with China and India to develop some parcels for oil exploration purposes. But, I am sure we shouldn’t worry. I am sure that Russia, China, India, and Cuba will preserve our pristine beaches and drill in an environmentally friendly way. If you believe that I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you. The question remains: if Russia, China, and India can drill off of the Florida coast, what logical reason is there to ban the U.S. from doing the same?

Maybe Senator Nelson can make a trip to Cuba and/or Russia and filibuster them as he threatened to do this in the U.S. Senate.
Submitted by Jim Pirretti

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Florida Voter said...

Bill Nelson has destroyed Florida by voting with wacky liberals. Their goal is to take power and “Punish the People”

Simone said...

Drill baby drill! Russia/Cuba/China will drill all into our waters. Why should we let them have our oil and gas? Florida citizens can get an annual check like Alaskans do. Stop RINO’s and Democrats Now!