Saturday, August 15, 2009

Conservative Thought of the Day

"Affirmative action" is the single most horrifying example of what happens when liberal "good intentions" are taken to there evil, destructive extremes. Supposedly, affirmative action was going to to make life in America more just. It did just the opposite by legislating injustice. How "Un-American"!

Submitted by Chuck Lehmann

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Adrian said...

Clearly reverse discrimination is as intellectually bankrupt as it is morally so. Does anyone feel proud to have something given to them solely for their "skin color"?

Prof. Kohl said...

If, between two people of equal qualifications, one is chosen over the other because of the color of his or her skin (be it white or black or green with pink stripes), then there is discrimination. Two wrongs don't make a right: to discriminate against someone because his skin is white won't make it all better for another person who was discriminated against because his skin was black; and while racism is odious, legalized racism is even more so.