Monday, August 17, 2009

Blind Worship of the Obamamaniacs

On Aug. 10 in a town hall meeting in New Hampshire, Pres. Obama said that FedEx and UPS are doing well, but their competitor the U.S. Post Office is the one having problems (billions of dollars worth of problems). He used that analogy to point up the benefits of public sponsored health care, but isn't FedEx and UPS privately run and profitable, but the Post Office is a quasi-government run entity that is a money loser? What has the President been smoking lately? Why should we support a government run program that would be a guaranteed money loser instead of a program that keeps costs low and makes a profit to boot?
Do you really have faith in the Obama team (made up of mostly lawyers, most of whom have had no business experience) running a government program that is 1/6 of our economy?
Is the blind worship of the Obamamaniacs scary or what? No matter what the "Anointed One" says or does they go into a swoon and are oblivious to the realities of life. Let's hope that the Obama voters recover from their stupor and wake up before it is too late.
By Chuck Lehmann

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Mick Diez said...

I have NO faith in the BHO Administration nor do I trust them as far as I can throw them. They have Zero Business experience.

Korina Gerritsen said...

He can not pick a good plan as he has no experience. The Community Organizer, trained in Chicago by con artists has never had a real job and has never been an executive. His jobs were always a little on the seedy side and scamming moneys from Foundations to try and further his own power

NObama should go said...

Obama, in his majesty, appoints a car Czar who is a Union Lawyer. Just what we need, right? Obama does not have a clue how to run a 7-11 let alone a government. In Obama's eyes everything seems bad and hope is now despair. Now that he has been elected by the intellectually destitute vote, he has to satisfy their needs as those are his base of knowledge. Obama is more familiar working with the thugs of ACORN than he is with the Presidents of Industry.

Feliz said...

If Mitt Romney was our president the DOW would be over 10,000 right now. Mitt was the only presidential candidate who was qualified to deal with the current economic downturn brought on by DC legislation enforced by Barry's brownshirts (ACORN), which required financial institutions to loan money to people who would never pay it back.