Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Allen West Town Hall Meeting

This was a letter sent to Antonio Fins, the Editorial Editor of the Sun-Sentinel
Hi Antonio: I don't know whether the Sun-Sentinel had someone covering the Allen West Town Hall Meeting on Tuesday, so let me give you a synopsis.
Since Ron Klein has refused to conduct a citizen participation Town Hall Meeting, this Allen West event was the only chance for people to express their thoughts on the health care bills being discussed in Congress in the 22nd C.D.
The 500 seat auditorium at the So. Fla. Bible College was filled to capacity with about 100 standees lining the wall. The people were all polite and asked some pointed questions. Some identified themselves as Democrats and a couple of gentlemen were naturalized citizens from the old Soviet Union. They said they don't want the U.S. to institute government run health care as that was one of the reasons why they left the tyranny of the Soviets.
Of course, Allen West is not yet the Congressman so people couldn't or wouldn't vent their anger and frustration at him. From what he said, even if he was the Congressman, he was addressing what the people were frustrated about and I'm sure the anger would not have been directed at him even if he was the representative in Congress
As usual, Allen West handled all the questions directed at him in a calm and direct way, he exhibited no "spin answers" whatsoever. That's quite an achievement for a politician or a budding politician like Allen West.
I'm sure things will be a lot different at the Robert Wexler Town Hall Meeting on Thursday, as he has publicly stated that he is for the House proposal no matter what the people think. That's ammunition for a confrontation which was not present at the West meeting.

By Chuck Lehmann

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Jeremy said...

Allen West is a true American Patriot. It is a shame that the MSM wanted to hype someone of color and chose B. Hussein Obama. O could not stand for 10 seconds in a debate with Allen West/

Retired Military Man said...

Allen West, Republican challenger to US Rep. Ron Klein is awesome. At least 10 of my so-called Right Wing Extremist friends and I tried to help West get elected. Now we are called Racist by Napolitano, Obama, Frank, Dean and other left wing extremists.
Please vote Allen West if you are in his District.

Unhappy Floridian said...

Yes sir, we are stuck with 3 of the biggest dirtbags with Wexler, Klein & Hastings. Wexler & Hastings are dirtier than a dance floor

Anna Martin said...

The arrogance of the liberal Democrats is beyond the pale. How can you represent your constituents if you don't hear from them face-to-face in an open Town Hall Meeting? Ron Klein ought to be ashamed of himself, but, then again, he has no shame, he's a Democrat. Go West for Congress to bring some integrity to the corrupt House of Representatives. Throw the rascals out.

Anonymous said...

Yea, we here in Illinois have the same problem with a Democratic non-representative representative named Senator Dick Durbin. He has been in office sinse the beginning of time and to him "conducting town hall meetings would not be an efficient use of his time." I don't believe that having him in office any longer would be an efficient use of the taxpayers time. After all they pay his exorbitant salary.

Whole Foods Boca Raton Homes said...

Allen West is awesome! He is a real Patriot and should be supported.