Sunday, December 3, 2017

No One is Above the Law?

Do you really believe that, or do you feel that there are some people who are really above the law? That's the question many are asking about Hillary and Bill Clinton. Some have compared the Clinton's to the “Great Houdini”, the great magician and escape artist, and who they say make Houdini look like a rank amateur. No law seems to touch them. No regulation seems to control them, and it seems no prosecutor wants to take the risk of holding the Clinton's accountable for anything. The only thing that was a negative consequence for the Clinton's, in the past, was that Hillary failed to win the presidency two times, which, most people feel, was her fault.

Can you imagine any of us doing what the Clinton's have done and getting away with it “scot free” with only a meaningless slap on the wrist?

The “modus operandi” of the Clinton's when they are caught with “their hands in the cookie jar”, is that they use their tried and true escape maneuver, “selective amnesia”. In other words, they “dummy up”. Is it logical that both Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton, whom Bill collected $12 million for his memoirs, and Hillary who got $8 million for hers, which comes to $20 million, for the memories of these two lawyers who have repeatedly testified, under oath, that they couldn't remember anything. It sort of boggles the mind, doesn't it?

What's the latest sleazy situations the Clinton's have been involved in that doesn't meet the “smell test”?

To start off, as Secretary of State, Hillary, was, as government rules dictated, supposed to use a government sanctioned server for use in her duties as Secretary of State while using her e-mails, and for which she agreed to do by signing a form on day one of starting on the job, but, thereafter, she knowingly decided to use her “own server” for both her personal and government communications, some of which contained “classified government” information. She was investigated by the FBI for that breech of protocol, and on July 5, 2016, the FBI Director, James Comey, went on T.V. to bring forth what they had found in their investigation, and whether or not Hillary violated the law. Out of a 15 minute presentation by Comey, which during the first 13 minutes, he laid out a perfect case of why Hillary violated the rules, but in the last two minutes of his presentation, he stated that he would NOT recommend prosecution of Hillary because he concluded that Hillary did not “intend to violate the law” (by the way, the law, in this situation, does not require intent, and also, he was not authorized to make that determination, the Attorney General was). Even Houdini would've been amazed at that escape by Hillary.

Then there was the deal, approved by Hillary, that allegedly allowed for the sale of 20% of our uranium reserves to the Russians via a Canadian “friend”, who had heavily contributed to the Clinton Foundation, and Bill Clinton, during that time, collected $500,000 for a speech in Moscow for a bank with ties to Vladimir Putin. In addition, a donation of $140 million was contributed to the Clinton Foundation. Do these events smell like a “quid pro quo”? Is the Pope Catholic?

The trail of corruption has continued right up to the inauguration of Donald Trump, whereby the Clinton campaign and the Democrat

National Committee paid $12 million ($9 million by the Clinton campaign and $3 million by the DNC) for a salacious “Dossier” by a company called “Fusion GPS”, who worked with some Russian operatives who came up with totally bogus information sliming Trump in an attempt to undermine him and his presidency. So far, no prosecution has taken place under Attorney General Jeff Sessions. You have to wonder why nothing has been done as yet?

So, with all these shenanigans by the Clinton's, and no retribution by the law, you could say that, as of now, that the Clinton's are above the law. Let's hope that justice finally prevails, and the Clinton's finally will be made to pay for their transgressions and hopefully fade away onto the scrap heap of history.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Murray Rosen said...

Do you recall how indignant the main stream media becomes when Pres. Trump calls them the "fake media"? Then along comes ABC reporter Brian Ross who bleats a fake report about Pres. Trump and the stock market tanks over 300 points. Eight hours later, ABC corrects the fake report and suspends Brian Ross for posting the fake report. This was just one instance of many that has been directed at Pres. Trump by the anti-Trump media. What can you believe? When over 90% of all mentions of Trump in the media are negative about him and his administration, you know that something smells to the high heaven, that's why the media has such a low approval rating. I'm glad that that femi-Nazi, Joy Behar of the View, wound up with egg on her face by gleefully waving that ABC phony report as if she had the goods on Pres. Trump. Her hatred of Trump has no bounds, as with her phony show, The View.