Thursday, December 28, 2017

MORT’s meanderings

Wouldn’t you think . . . that after eight-plus years of drawing, writing and ranting about the ugly apparition that was and still is, Barack Hussein Obama, that I would have had a belly-full of this most unsavory piece of putrid protoplasm.  Well, I have.

The sight and the sound of Obama is so repulsive & disgusting to me that whenever I’m reminded of him, I want to jump into a hot shower and scrub away any recollection of all that he represented.  And, all he did to apologize for the USA being so exceptional, all he did to create chaos, and all he did to besmirch our heritage and take down our wonderful nation.  
I guess that the most lingering impression of those eight-plus years has been and still is, the super-sized arrogance of this reprobate.  Such arrogance, coupled with his inherent thuggish-ness when attempting to speak in that peculiar, self-styled, pseudo-sophisticated manner he affected - of grotesquely articulating the English language – was for me, quite unbearable.
Looking back, I think that the most delightful highlight of his misuse of the King’s English, was when I heard him mangle the word, corpsman’.  While momentarily amusing, it hardly mitigated those eight-plus years of being forced to endure his super-sized arrogance.  Oh, I almost forgot to mention his total incompetence at any and all aspects of performing the task of being the President of the United States. Oh, and there was his  yellow-streak of personal cowardice.  I never liked the guy & always will.
                                                                              MORT KUFF     © 12-5-2017


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Murray Rosen said...

Can you believe that a former president is working against his successor by being the major dynamo in an group called ORGANIZING FOR ACTION? Well, that's what Barack Hussein Obama is doing in trying to undermine President Trump and his Administration. Not only is he bad-mouthing Pres. Trump overseas, he is using surrogates to fuel the fires of pushing for the impeachment of Pres. Trump and by encouraging the "fake news media" to constantly spread false stories about most all members of the Trump Administration. Shame on him and his flunky's for their anti-patriotic, anti-American behavior.