Thursday, December 7, 2017

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   Who really controls the Internet?

I’m certain that my experience is not unique when it comes to feeling frustrated because a photo or a headline has led me to attempt to access a site – only to have a scary notice appear on my screen, warning me about accessing this site at the risk of such action causing great damage to my computer.
Who makes that decision?  Why is such a site permitted in the first place?  Who, why and how are sites blocked?  Without doubt, the decisions are based upon political considerations.
In addition to the two major political parties that dominate the news & views in this country, there are untold dozens of groups with a wide variety of axes to grind, viewpoints to counter plus,  ideologies to expound upon and single-issue causes to foster. One ponders, Who really controls the Internet?’  
Surfing the internet and navigating the plethora of intriguing sites while trying to dig beyond an arresting photo or title, can lead one to full-blown frustration, disappointment and disgust, blinding anger and extreme spikes in one’s blood-pressure.
Who, other than me, remembers the good old days of the reigning communications technology that was represented by ‘smoke signals’?  Have we really advanced all that much?
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Unknown said...

Where is Al Gore when you need him? Before technology and modern conveniences, life was more tolerable, because people got off their ass and fended for themselves instead of depending on others and government to survive. Cyberspace should be restricted against the morons who have abused it. Like guns, it isn't the contraption, but the idiot behind the miss use.

Don Medland said...

Not only are there problems with the Internet, but the print media and the broadcast media are completely one-sided in their pursuit of a liberal and Progressive agenda, the hell with the truth. As long as it confirms the liberal mantra, it's all for the cause, regardless of who or what will be hurt in their pursuit of liberal orthodoxy. CNN and MSNBC are perfect examples of why the media is so corrupt. Nothing that Pres. Trump does that is positive for our country is reported to favorably, a study found that since his election in Nov. 2016, 93% of the stories on Pres. Trump have been negative. That the fact that unemployed has reached record lows, and the stock market has reached record highs, are not mentioned in a favorable light in the stories by the main stream media. Journalism is dead!