Thursday, December 14, 2017

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My take on the 2017 Christmas Décor at the White House.
Down through the years, the Christmas decorations at the White House have been increasingly beautiful. From the photos & videos I’ve seen, this year’s decor tops them all.  Despite the ludicrous rants of the All-Wrong-All-the-Time-Trump-Haters to the effect that Melania Trump is personally responsible for the worst-ever look at the White House, they are simply wrong.  They are as usual, simply dead-wrong.
I have no inside info however, I’m guessing that while she was assuredly given a heads-up briefing on the plans for Christmas decorations and had the opportunity to provide some input, the First Lady isn’t responsible for the placement of every wreath and bit of sparkle as the Trump-Haters would have us believe.   
What a comparison to the bah-humbug attitude toward Christmas that prevailed during the eight years of the previous President, his family and his administration.  If memory serves, ‘tribe Obama’ packed up and bugged out of town, all the way to Hawaii before the Spirit of the Christmas season landed in the White House.  
The 44th President Barack Hussein Obama, the devout Hypocrite wanted nothing whatever to do with any celebration that was so alien to his upbringing in the ideology of Islam.   The Judeo-Christian principles that guided the Founding Fathers in creating the Constitution are unbelievably, the direct antithesis of Obama’s belief system.  And while the rest of the Nation traditionally celebrated the spirit of the Christmas season each year, Obama weirdly enough, chose to absent himself and his family from the White House. What does that tell you?
I confess to an overwhelming feeling of giddy exuberance when I see the exquisite decorations in and around the People’s House in the Nation’s Capital – knowing that this year, the exquisite First Lady and President Donald J. Trump are the respectful, patriotic residents who currently occupy my White House.   
I want to take this opportunity to thank the voters in Fly-Over Country for making this a very, very MERRY CHRISTMAS” in America.             
                                                                                              MORT KUFF © 12-11-2017     

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Phil Groth said...

How come the Muslims that are fleeing their own countries to get freedom and safety in the Western countries, once they get there they try to turn those naive countries into the type of countries thy just fled from? How stupid can we be to turn a blind eye to what this lax immigration policy is or could do to the undermining of those democratic countries? Europe is slowly being taken over by the hordes from these violent, undemocratic countries, do we really want that for the U.S.A.?