Thursday, December 21, 2017

Hippies, Millennials and beyond

Before dragging on a joint, snorting white powder or pricking your arm with a needle;
before binging in a singles bar or college dormitory; before marring your body with
ink and other immature antics, ponder this:

"If you were your child, would you be living up to your expectations?"

Since the sixties, a new species was introduced to society that changed the morality of
our country, slipping it into decadence but for a period during the Reagan years, when
pride and respect for our nation once again began to appear. But alas, it mutated into a
form known as radical liberalism, under the guidance of the incompetent community
organizer's demagoguery, that brought us to the brink of disaster.

We barely survived the storm and a ray of light is beginning to shine through that black
cloud with new hope and energy; but a new storm is brewing, stirred by these deliverers
of doom, with their fake news abettors, bent on dimming the hope that was lighting
our way to a productive and better life for us and our progeny.

Be the person you want and expect your child to be. A family needs adult roll models.

Conservative column from George Giftos

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1 comment:

Ron Grimaldi said...

"Defining deviancy down", a phrase coined by the late Sen. Patrick Moynihan, seems to have taken hold in our society today. A lack of a moral conscience, a tendency to lie for partisan political purposes, and an almost total tendency to disrespect our leaders, are all part of the decline of our social mores. Where have we gone wrong? Is it a breakdown in the family unit? Is it that our educational system is used for indoctrination instead of learning? Or is it a lack of a moral compass as our religious institutions become more and more irrelevant as our society becomes more and more secular? Could we be witnessing another "Fall of a Roman Empire" where forces of evil take hold over what is right and wrong?