Thursday, October 12, 2017

MORT’s meanderings

What part of GONE FOREVER don’t you understand?
Let me ask those of you who take a knee when our National Anthem is being played . . . those of you who hate President Trump for being a different kind of President, one who keeps his promises; one who puts this nation first; one who has in a just a few short months, effectively become the leader of the Free World by demonstrating his extraordinary skills at dealing head-on with even the most long-standing, complex, vexing problems and obstinate people, both foreign and domestic.  

While other recent Presidents have made much noise about inheriting difficult situations, President Donald Trump assumed the Presidency that immediately followed the most disastrous eight years of Obama, who did his best to destroy all that has made the USA the exceptional nation it is.  If anyone can legitimately claim to have inherited the greatest possible mess, it is President Trump.  And, he faces the most unAmerican media, the most demonic Democrat leadership in the Congress and an entire generation of Millenials who are bent on destruction of the status quo for no intelligent reason except, they are so totally clueless that they think Bernie Sanders makes sense.

If the absolute, worst-case should occur, meaning that the moronic masses should overwhelm the Trump Presidency and Administration - -
          what part of GONE FOREVER don’t you understand?

                                                                        MORT KUFF     © 9-21-2017

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Charles Serge said...

Remember when Trump was criticized by the Democrats for donating, from his own
bank account, one million dollars to help the victims of Harvey, not one mention was made that the super wealthy, and endowed Clinton Foundation donated "0" (zero) to the catastrophe? Also, it took 6 days for Hillary "Nurse Ratchit" Clinton to condemn her personal friend and benefactor, Harvey Weinstein, with a straight face, as she is still married to another serial woman abuser, Slick Willie Clinton. Hypocrisy drips all over these sanctimonious Democrats.

Unknown said...

Unfortunately liberal mania can't be cured overnight and the mentally deprived are displaying stiff resistance toward therapy that will release them from sucking on their thump of stupidity.