Thursday, October 19, 2017

Hollysodom and Gomorrahwood

I grew up during the Golden Age of Hollywood in the 30's and through World War ll, when

the studios controlled the moral image of their stable, and before liberalmania took over

the industry by disgusting individuals and controlling alternative gender zealots, trying to

legitimatize their life style on the silver screen.

The leakage out of the immoral character by many individuals employed in this industry

has prompted me to refer to this swamp as, Hollysodom and Gomorrahwood. Among

them and dominating the news is Harvey Weinstein who has been as destructive to the

image of Hollywood as Hurricane Harvey was to Houston, Texas.

Houston will be repaired by its citizens; Hollysodom and Gomorrahwood will not,

because it is inhabited with self absorbed elitists suffering from the Faust syndrome,

selling their soul to the Devil to get ahead, where performance on the couch means more

than a screen test, being hypocritical willing victims to get the part.

Perpetrators like Weinstein have been exempt from scrutiny, because their campaign

contributions cleansed their disgusting behavior, and in one case, echoed the behavior

of an impeached president whose victims were unwilling.

Liberalmania is getting out of hand, muddying everything that has been held sacred to

most Americans.

Conservative column from George Giftos

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1 comment:

Don Medland said...

Can you believe that these Hollywood hypocrites who are constantly sliming Pres. Trump as being immoral and worse, are the biggest sexual predators who practice what they condemn about the president? These pretenders who decry gun violence, produce movies glorifying gun violence. These pretenders who "champion" women are the biggest woman abusers in both their professional and personal lives. These pretenders who kneel at the altar of climate change, are the same ones who fly around in their gas guzzling jets (ex: Al Gore and Leo DiCaprio). Harvey Weinstein is just the tip of the iceberg, next will be the male pedophiles who abuse young male actors. Isn't it ironic that most all the Hollywood predators are card-carrying Democrats. Is there a reason why they support the Democrats?