Sunday, August 20, 2017

The Hell with Political Correctness!

When are we all going to go to the window (like in the movie, “Network”) and yell out, “I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore”, when it comes to dealing with the insane, mostly liberal, induced madness called, “political correctness”?

You can't say this, you can't say that, you can't do this and you can't do that - who in hell are these self-appointed arbiters and guardians of proper speech and behavior (a/k/a the P.C Police) to make our lives living hell because they deem certain things or actions “verboten”, “not Kosher”, or insensitive, to some real or imaginary groups or individuals? It infects all aspects of our lives especially when it applies to certain “protected” minorities. I thought we had a 1st Amendment right to say what's on our mind, whether it is deemed proper or not. Shouldn't people be allowed to look stupid, say stupid things, and do stupid things as long as it doesn't hurt some else, besides their feelings? It has gotten so bad that some people, in the normal interchange of conversation, can give someone a compliment and be sued for sexual harassment, that telling an ethnic joke, making a racial remark, or using a harmless non-threatening sexual innuendo, can be a cause for someone losing their job, being fined by a court, being refused a promotion, or being vilified by the media, because they (who's they?) deemed it insensitive or insulting? It is outright lunacy, to say the least. Just recently, Pres. Trump was vilified in the media and by Democrats (and by some Republicans), that he didn't condemn the white separatists clearly enough for them in the Charlottesville incident. He was criticized for including ALL hate groups, in his condemnation, including the ANTIFA and BLACK LIVES MATTER groups along with the NAZI group. For that he was called a racist, a Nazi sympathizer, and a bigot. That was “political correctness” gone amok, plain and simple.

Look what has happened in our judicial system - today when someone commits a crime, it must be determined whether or not it is a “hate” crime, which carries a more severe penalty, than the same crime committed by someone against someone else who is not in that “protected” class. How absurd! A crime is a crime, is a crime, regardless of who is the victim.

Certain people get a pass, just because they are in the “protected” class. If a white person called a black person a “nigger” it can be considered racial harassment, but if a black person called another black person a “nigger”, that is O.K. or at least it would not considered a “major” offense by the “P.C. Police”.

Zero tolerance is another area where “political correctness” holds sway. The intentions are sometimes laudatory, but the punishment doesn't always “fit the crime”. A casual remark by one person to another with a sexual connotation might be grounds for a lawsuit, a student taking an aspirin in school might be a cause for suspension, telling an ethnic, racial or religious joke might be cause for a firing or banishment from the industry, but there's one area where the “P.C. Police” don't seem to get involved in, that's when the topic is slandering or mocking Christians. Anything goes and in many cases it is looked upon favorably by those who are non-believers (generally liberal secularists and atheists). Slander a Muslim, a Jew a Gay or other protected minority, and all hell will break loose, but not when it comes to Christians - they are fair game. Shouldn't all religions be fair game, even for obnoxious, and slanderous speech or actions?

It was different years ago, when people could joke with one another, say stupid things to one another, and be free to either be nice or nasty, without a “blow back” or being vilified or harassed by the “P.C. Police”. Many comedians of 30 or 40 years ago were able to make fun of different racial and ethnic groups with no problems and plenty of laughter, especially by the group being made fun of. Today, you might lose your job or be fined. We should all be fed up with these “unwritten” restrictions called “political correctness”, and we should all run to the window and proclaim that “We are mad as hell and we won't take it anymore”. Political correctness be damned!

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Unknown said...

Don't be surprise that some day you will see a PC dictionary on the New York Times best seller list. Save for the Reagan administration, since Linden Johnson, we've been walking on eggs, careful not to crack any of them with a wrong word, gesture, look or expression.
It isn't anyway to live and susceptible to disease from stress and strain. The liberal masses consist of less knowledgeable individuals that are under the influence of the purveyors of political correctness. They are members of Lucifer's army whose job it is to create havoc and tyranny among God's decent creations, because there is evil in their soul. Among the protected class there are more and more among them who want no part of it and want to be part of the productive society who contribute to the betterment of the human condition. They are Christians and members of other organizations that echo the tenets of Christianity.