Thursday, August 24, 2017

The Then and the Now

Immigration at one time was the foundation of this nation. Immigrants
from countries around the world have been a tremendous asset to the
United States, bringing with them their skills, compassion to be free
and add their unforced, diversified cultures, to make America unique.
Contrasting the then and now will be misinterpreted as being bigoted
and against today's immigrants. I'm not against immigration. My parents
were immigrants. They were of good character and followed the rule of
law required to enter our country. Although they did not disengage
entirely from the culture they were born into and left behind, they were
anxious to adopt and intergrade into the American culture and add the
good things about theirs, as many others of different heritage did.
What is transpiring today, from the then to the now are undesirables
penetrating the ranks of the people who are following the rules to
enter the United States lawfully.

They are the obnoxious line crashers, pushing ahead of everyone who
have been waiting patiently for their turn. Criminals and individuals
of low character, taking advantage of the protection provided by liberal
sanctuary municipalities against the behest of federal law.

I feel compassion for the plight illegals have been enduring because of the
greed and incompetency of the leaders of their country. It isn't our
responsibility to play Mother Teresa to the rest of the world when we have
issues confronting us in our country. Even so, we have shown to be the
most generous people as a nation to the rest of the world, but a line has to
be drawn to the extent of this generosity, without jeopardizing the well
being of our own people.

To continue this generosity, immigration reform must be established to
prevent deterioration of our unique culture and overwhelming our
function of governance. This means complete control of all points of
entry with strict application of the law, with only allowances that benefit
the country, such as guest labor or limited technical grants to enhance
the scientific realm.

We don't want people in the country who compromised their integrity to
enter it illegally, then denigrate America, stomp on our flag while waving
the flag from the country they left, and accepting benefits reserved for
those in need, who love the country.

I can't paint everybody with the same paint brush, because there are always
exceptions; but there is no comparison in character and fiber from the
people of then and the people of now.

Conservative column from George Giftos

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