Thursday, August 17, 2017

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Return of the TURD.
Traitorous Underhanded Reprobate Democrat
While TURD is certainly applicable to a litany of undesirables that have populated the Democrat Party over the past half-century or so, in this instance, the immediate past-President is the subject the ‘term’.
BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, a name that conjures up painful recollections of eight long years of gross mismanagement of our nations affairs - and hundreds of moments of shameful recollections when this reprobate intentionally brought down upon the heads of American citizens, buckets full of excruciating disgrace.
Now, in blatant contradiction to an honored tradition of all former U. S. Presidents, Obama is not returning to his pre-presidential home State but has taken up residence in the District of Columbia.  From this high, brick- walled Headquarters, housed in a multi-million-dollar ‘castle’ just a few short miles from the White House, Obama plans to conduct a daily surveillance of President Trump’s every utterance and every action.  
To what end is he doing this? He wants to second-guess, oppose and obstruct every single move that President Trump makes.  So much for Obama honoring the tradition observed by the forty-three presidents that preceded him.  So much for the concept of this former-president remaining ‘out-of-the-way’ in order not to interfere in any way, shape or form, with the newly-elected President.  Au contraire. He plans to be a thorn in the side of President Donald J. Trump.  How ignoble can Obama get?  It is the Return of the TURD, a classless turd.

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Lawrence Cutler said...

We have demonized the White Nationalists (a/k/a Nazi's), and rightly so, but it seems that the "fake news" media has canonized the Antifa and the Black Lives Matter groups who have conducted themselves in the same manner as the White Nationalists. Are those two anarchist groups any better than the White Nationalists? Or maybe, it might just a ruse to try to link Pres. Trump to a despicable group for totally political purposes? Of course that's the reason, because Pres. Trump had nothing to do with the mayhem in Charlottesville, but the loony left will do and say anything to try to bring down Pres. Trump, the truth be damned.

Unknown said...

Charlottesville reminded me of WWII, when two factions went at each other. The white supremacists and the liberal leftists. Like the Bolsheviks and the Nazis. Only during the war there was reason to acknowledge the Russians. There is no reason to back Black Lives Matter and Antifa, because they contribute chaos and destruction to further a personal agenda that does nothing for the oppressed.