Thursday, August 31, 2017

MORT’s meanderings

What’s Fair is Fair.
Oh, the outrage about President Trump’s pardon of Sheriff Arpaio.  
We didn’t hear that much outrage when Clinton pardoned his corrupt fellow-Democrats.  No such outrage when Obama set free dozens of the worst, vicious, violent Islamo-terrorists kept at Gitmo.  The ploy of sending them to Yemen was as phony and hypocritical as can be.  But, Pres. Trump pardoning Sheriff Arpaio from his ludicrous sentence for the vicious, violent crime of catching illegal aliens?  That takes the cake.
How about this?  How about indicting Obama; and the hundreds of Islamist agents he placed in positions of influence in our Federal Government during his 8 years as President; his two utterly racist & corrupt Attorneys General; Bill & Hillary Clinton and their ‘Foundation’; Bernie Sanders, Chuck Schumer, Nunzi Pelosi and the entire bunch of corrupt Democrats in the Congress?  Indict them, try them in Court, find them guilty which they are and then, throw them in jail for as long as the law allows. Keep them there with no special privileges.
And then, when the next Democrat President is elected, let him pardon each of these immoral, criminal reprobates as he sees fit.  Make sense?

Hey, I’ve got plenty of good solutions – just ask me

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Larry Cutler said...

Does anybody remember, especially the Democrats, that Obama pardoned Oscar Lopez Rivera, former leader of the Puerto Rican group FALN, who was responsible for multiple deaths and over 70 bombings in NYC, Chicago, and Wash. D.C.? Now these phony Democrats and the "fake news" media get their bowels in an uproar when Pres. Trump pardons a law enforcing patriot like Sheriff Joe Arpaio who was railroaded by the Obama Justice Dep't. and a lefty judge appointed by Bill Clinton. SHAME ON ALL THESE TWO-FACED PHONIES !