Thursday, June 1, 2017

MORT’s meanderings

Please, Mr. President . . .
give us a Director of the FBI who is a real cop.  One with a lifetime of experience at being a cop.  One with a record as a guy (not a gal, please) who has a reputation as being a tough-on-crime and really-tough-on-criminals, policeman - a cop.
(This is not a politically-correct’ request nor, did I mean it to be.  I want a tough-minded man at the top of the FBI. Not gay, not soft, no specific skin color  – none of that.  But, a guy who dedicates himself to returning the FBI to its former glory days when it kept secrets but, did its job silently and efficiently, without fear or without giving a second thought as to political repercussions.)
Give us a cop who has a lengthy history of experience at leading focused investigations and one who deals only with provable, factual information. Give us someone who is impervious to political influence.   A former NYC Police Commissioner like Ray Kelly comes to mind.  So does former NYC Mayor, Rudy Giuliani. Or preferably, a slightly younger version of either of these proven, rock-solid, highly-experienced cops and/or prosecutors, who is willing and able to take on the task of heading up this backbone agency that is so vital to our national security.
And puleeeez, don’t give us  Joe Lieberman or any other shopworn, former elected representative of the people, who spent decades of his life warming a seat in the U. S. Congress or at politically-appointed posts in former administrations.  I beg of you, Mr. President - spare us that giant, backward step.  Thank you, Sir.

                                                 MORT KUFF   © 5-24-2017

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Vince Weaver said...

Isn't it ironic that when former FBI Director Comey refused to recommend the indictment of Hillary after listing all the crimes she committed, he was a "hero" in the eyes of Hillary and the Democrats, but now he is vilified by the very same people for re-opening the probe of her e-mails days before the last election. Now, especially according to Hillary, he is considered a pariah in the eyes of the Democrats, at least until he was fired by Pres. Trump. Now he's again the symbol of the resistance against Pres. Trump. What goes around comes around surely fits this scenario. Mort is right, we need a non-politician to act neutral as the head of the FBI. Comey, contrary to his perceived persona, was a political animal who had too many ties to the political establishment.