Sunday, May 28, 2017

Are American Males Becoming “Wussified”?

First off, let's define the word “wuss”: a weakling, a wimp.

Since the 1960's and the advent of “feminism” and “political correctness”, the “feminization” of the American male has taken hold in all facets of American life.

Look around you, what do you see, males are depicted in the media, in films, and on T.V. as bumbling fools, person's with an over active sex drive that abuses women, lazy losers, crude and uncaring, and to compensate for those stereotypes, sometimes become overly aggressive and violent, etc., etc.

This “feminization” of males has taken hold mostly in the white male community. Look at our professional sports teams in basketball, football, and in boxing. Most of the participants are black or of foreign descent. The white male is practically invisible (in most cases, the black and foreign athlete are the better athletes). Does that fact portend that these sports have an element of violence attached to them? Could be, as many white males are discouraged from participating in sports because of the possibility of injury.

Look at how many males dress and how they are groomed. Long hair and droopy clothes, earrings and piercings are common among many teenagers. As stated before, look at what seems to be the overprotective nature of the American male. Kick ball, dodge ball, sledding, and the ludicrous desire to give every participant a trophy or an award, are some of the “politically correct” changes that have affected the everyday life of the mostly male youth.

Look at many of our colleges who have set up “safe spaces” for the easily offended who can't handle points-of-view different from their own. Can you imagine a virile male admitting that he needs a quiet place just to cope with life? Most social rules in the colleges are directed at the males, who can be expelled just by having a female make a “harassment” charge against him, and contrary to our rule of law, he will be considered guilty until he can prove himself innocent (ex: the Duke lacrosse case, and the fake charges brought against a male student at the University of Virginia etc.).

Look at many of the organized childhood activities that many young males participate in; Little League baseball, youth football and basketball, and the idea that too much emphasis now is placed on just participating in the activity and not on winning or coming in first place, because the kid that might be a loser or on the losing team therefore he might be traumatized for life. As stated before, that's the reason behind why the idea that everyone gets a “participation trophy” instead of a “first place trophy”. Little do these over-protective enablers realize that by not recognizing talent or winners does more harm than good in preparing a young male to face his future life. He should be capable of handling adversity, as life is “not a bowl of cherries”.

This whole syndrome of the “wussification”of males has carried over to the adult male population. Just recently, the “lynching” of Bill O'Reilly is a perfect example of making mountains out of molehills. He was accused, by a few women, of “sexual harassment” by using certain suggestive comments which the women found obnoxious and in poor taste. These women were represented by the feminist mother/daughter team of Gloria Allred and Lisa Bloom (known as “celebrity ambulance chasers”). He probably was guilty of those suggestive comments. But, no mention was made of any physical contact or touching by him, just oral words directed toward the women. Should that be reason enough for him to be fired from his job as cable's Number One talk show host? Most men have been guilty of making suggestive remarks to women at some time during their lives, but in most cases a stern reprimand by the woman stopped the uncalled for verbal comments. Today, a man can be accused of “sexual harassment” just by complimenting a woman on her looks or other innocuous comments that the woman takes offense to, even though no offense was intended by the man.

This whole situation, whereby “political correctness” takes precedence over common sense, will have a tendency to emasculate our male population by making our male population “wussified”. Is that what we want for our boys and our men?

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

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Joe Parchinski said...

The Poles are no joke when it comes to common sense, they will not commit national suicide by allowing unvetted immigrants into their country. The other European countries are reaping what they have sown, all under the guise of being diverse in their stupid immigration policies. The joke is on them, not the Poles.

Dufster said...

Sadly there are far too many American Males becoming “Wussified”. It didn't help having a POTUS who was a wimp when it came to Islamic Terrorists and a Bully when it came to Patriotic Americans. Now we see the Polish Prime Minister has more backbone than many of the European Male Leaders.

Paul Greenberg said...

How come the only one's in our society who can be mocked and ridiculed is the white male? Anything that goes wrong in our society is blamed on "white privilege", which is the cowards way out of not addressing the failures of people making those ridiculous statements. Never in the history of the world has a society offered more opportunity to anybody than has the United States. If a person does not take advantage of the opportunities offered, that person has no one to blame but him or herself.