Thursday, June 8, 2017

Ignorance is the Enemy

There is no humor listening to clueless millennials and snowflakes
in street interviews, who are unable to point out our country on a
map, or identify who the portrait of a notable past president is.
It is alarming that many are going through life with their head buried
in the sand, or lost in a perpetual weedy happy hour, inducing
destructive disobedience, acting out the civic lessons taught by
hard line, leftist professors.

The reign of terror during the French revolution; Italian Blackshirts of
the 1920's and German Brownshirts of the 30's began as embers
that complacency caused to burst into uncontrollable, full fledged fires
that could not be put out.

Don't rule out it not happening here.

The greatest danger we face is not the obvious. The greatest danger is
ignorance, and it comes from the least expected places. The campuses
of our universities where free speech and contrary ideas are suppose
to be debated, but squelched by activists who think the First Amendment
doesn't apply to their opposition.

Conservative column from George Giftos

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