Thursday, June 29, 2017

An Olio of Potpurri

I'm a lot smarter than the majority of the people, but this isn't
a point of contention, considering it is depressing and not some
thing to be proud of, realizing how much I don't know. Which
doesn't say much about the majority of the people.

If we are to praise modern technology for its achievements, we
must also count the harm it is causing through social media in
its irresponsible miss use of this aspect of it, that has contributed
to the decline of moral values.

It is also a medium used by the manipulators to reach clueless
and disgruntled masses, like those whom I profess to know more
than they do, uniting them into mobs for destruction, and by their
use, stand to gain from the chaos under pretense of protest.

This is allowed due to another miss use; the abuse of the First
Amendment and misinterpretation in its meaning. The wording
must be honed to prevent or correct its flaws by adding an
amendment to the First Amendment.

Feel good liberals are a hinder toward better governance due
to their adherence to political correction, standing in a circle,
holding hands, singing kumbaya and hoping redistributing the
wealth earned by the productive will solve all our problems.

By patronage for open borders, they are compounding additional
problems. We cannot control the influx of illegal immigration and
undesirables who will never assimilate into American culture, but
form enclaves and barrios with no intent to follow our laws, as
shockingly witnessed by other countries who have opened their
borders without weighing the consequence of losing their identity
as a nation.

They will never become the "Little Italy" or the "China Towns"
that are now a part of our culture.

Conservative column from George Giftos

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