Sunday, March 19, 2017

What is a “Snowflake”?

A new word has joined the lexicon of the English language, the word is “snowflake”. Here's the definition of the word:

“An overly sensitive person incapable of dealing with any opinion that differs from his/her own”. These people can often be seen congregating mainly on college campuses.

Look what is happening on many college campuses around the country today. Schools have set up “safe spaces”, where students can be free of any opinions that might make them upset - no adverse opinions that might upset someone will be tolerated in those “safe spaces”. In addition, some schools have also banned certain words (speech codes) like the term “freshman” which in normal parlance means a student's first year in high school or college, as being sexist, and therefore, unacceptable by “wussified” professors and administrators trying to appeal to the far-left fringe, which generally run most colleges and universities.

Another fallout from this bogus sensitivity of others hearing or spouting differing opinions, is the rise of organizing efforts, some of which are sponsored by outside agitating groups, some of which are financed by George Soros, to prevent, shout down, or harass speakers that have different points of view, mainly conservative speakers like Condolezza Rice, writer and pundit Ann Coulter, social scientist Dr. Charles Murray, columnist Ben Shapiro, author David Horowitz and a host of other learned speakers from the “right” point of view (i.e. Republicans, conservatives or libertarians). In some cases, riots and desecration of property has occurred, on and off campus, with little consequences meted out to the students and agitators causing the damage or mayhem. It is a well-known fact, that most all schools of higher learning are staffed with leftist professors and administrators, who tout the liberal progressive line, and who institute restrictive rules and regulations controlling the actions of students on and off the campus. Free speech, which the liberals and progressives champion as part of their makeup, is generally limited on campus if anyone tries to digress from the “party line”, which is liberal progressive orthodoxy.

The term “snowflake” is a natural progression of the hideous term “political correctness”, which has had an adverse effect upon our language and culture for many years. Many “unelected” busybodies (mostly from the left side of the political spectrum) have determined what is permissible to be said or done under penalty of public ostracism and scorn by these members of the so-called “P.C. Police”. You name it, our lives are being disrupted by others telling us what is permissible in the general interchange between people as to what we can say or do.

Just recently, Dr. Ben Carson, President Trump's H.U.D. Secretary, was accused of making a “racist” statement by inferring that the slaves that were brought here against their will, hundreds of years ago, were in a way, immigrants to our country. A totally benign statement that was twisted and spun to infer that he made a racist remark by equating slavery with immigration. The fact that Dr. Carson was a black person meant nothing to these “race hustlers”, he is a conservative Republican and a member of Trump's cabinet, therefore, he must be condemned and pilloried. Little mention was made that our first black President Barack Obama, had made over 10 similar references, over the years, equating slavery and immigration, by using the same analogy as Dr. Carson. No condemnation from the left about Obama's remarks, most likely because he was a liberal Democrat, and in their eyes, he was the right kind of black person, not a black Republican and Trump supporter, like Dr. Carson.

Wake up America, our traditions, culture, and morals are under attack, we must not sit idly by and accept this “wussification” of America without some form of a counter attack. Our present president, Donald Trump seems to be leading the charge against this insidious manipulation of our lives by the left. We should back him completely in his quest to neutralize the “snowflakes” and the P.C. Police.

Conservative commentary by Chuck Lehmann

A tribute to Snowflakes everywhere!

Friends in Safe Spaces. Chad Prather and Steve Mudflap McGrew aka Larry the Liberal

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Artie Hein said...

Can you believe of the complete breakdown of the average liberal Democrat who can't seem to handle the election of Pres. Trump? The psychiatrists must be working overtime trying to handle all the cases of liberals with diagnosed cases of "Trump Derangement Syndrome". Snowflake or just a wuss, either way they prove that the election of Trump was the right thing to do for America. It looks like we are going to have 4 years of whining, and in some cases a complete mental breakdown, by these unhinged Marxist/Socialists (a/k/a Democrats)pining for "lyin" Hillary or Bernie (the red diaper baby). Let's make America Great Again.