Thursday, March 16, 2017

Rioters a/k/a Protesters are Emotionally Primitive

We are experiencing dire consequences from all sides of the spectrum because, many on the Washington scene are fearful the game is over and their cushy jobs are in peril of going down with the draining of the swamp.

It isn't mere speculation that the hold overs from the last administration may be behind the intelligence leaks and the chaotic events designed to upset President Trump's agenda for making America great again, as evidenced by the hateful rhetoric expressed from these people.

The Democratic party no longer exists as it was before the Obama era, because it has compromised traditional values, and the people, not living in heavily populated coastal urban areas have spoken.
They didn't vote for Donald Trump for his personality or oratory, but for action he promised, that has already been displayed in such a short time.

The people are also fed up with the anarchists, Bolsheviks and other organizations claiming their rioting is legal protest. They draw in the unsuspecting, uninformed naïve, who are emotionally primitive in their attempt to express themselves without violence, and are limited in their vocabulary by confining themselves to using a barrage of "F" bombs to state their opposition to traditions.
The Trumpians mean to change the climate and clean the attitude of the Washington elitists.

Conservative column from George Giftos

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Thomas Grimm said...

The Democrats and the liberal bureaucrats are squealing like stuck pigs as their ranks in government get smaller and smaller as Trump is starting to drain the swamp. The era of big, bloated government is coming to an end, that's why the liberal loons are trotting out anecdotal stories of the Republicans starving the women and children, taking food and medicine from our senior citizens etc., etc. The public isn't buying it anymore, that's why the Democrat playbook is outmoded and not relevant, and the reason why they are bringing back those emotional appeals that worked so well for them in the past. They have a scarcity of talent to draw upon as the leaders like Pelosi and Schumer are proposing nothing but fear and misery, all negative talk and no meaningful action. That's one of the reasons why Hillary lost the election.