Thursday, March 9, 2017

MORT’s meanderings

    Let’s be fair to the Fairways.
Woodmont Country Club located just outside Washington, D.C. has a very fine golf course that is renowned among those who love that sport.  It was founded in 1921 by Washington, D.C. German-Jewish Golfers so that they might enjoy a facility at which they were welcome, which was not the case at the other private courses convenient to the Nation’s Capital.
In the aftermath of the recent missed opportunity to take action in support of Israel as it was being piled-on at the UN, the full-time golf course hacker & part-time president Barack Hussein Obama’ was being considered for a ‘complimentary’ membership to Woodmont.  Suddenly, it became a cause for concern.
Hence, the ultra-Leftist Liberal Jewish members who were and are still, enthusiastic supporters of Hussein Obama, find that they are being thwarted in their efforts to bestow this honor upon him, due to his action of openly stabbing Israel in the back.
It is this writer’s suggestion that there ought to be a path by which  Obama might be brought in from the shadows.  He should be  permitted to work as a Caddy for a trial period of ten years after which, if he has compiled a clean record, he might once again be considered for membership.  This time, as an Associate, non-voting member of the Club, fully-paid-up from his own funds. He would then be allowed access to the Course, to play 18 holes by himself, during the Jewish High Holidays while Club members  of the Jewish faith are at services in their Synagogues. It’s all about ‘Fairness’ folks, it’s all about ‘Fairness’.

                                                                               MORT KUFF  © 1-13-2017

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Gary Goldstein said...

The Trump haters have been accusing him of being every bad thing a human can be accused of, but one that really is absurd is the charge that he is anti-Semitic. Mort mentions the golf course started by Jews in Palm Beach years ago so they'd have a place to play as they were denied entry to the town's golf courses. Donald Trump opened up his golf courses in Palm Beach, not only to Jews, but to everyone, along with his resort Mar-A-Lago. In addition, his daughter married a Jew and converted to Judaism and Trump embraced his son-in-law with open arms. Is that canard about him being anti-Semitic a bit over the top and disgustingly false? Is Michael Moore a morbidly obese fool, the answer to the question is, of course?