Thursday, March 30, 2017

Wandering Thoughts

As we age, the horizon seems to be coming closer and not out of reach.
I wonder if other octogenarians are evaluating life and the years that have
gone by, or contemplating something more beyond the horizon after they
leave this life.

Not meaning to sound morbid, it is more of curiosity that begs the question,
"what the hell has this been all about?"

See: It Didn't Just Happen
Though I try to maintain a Christian code, I cannot abide on some things
attributed to Christ, like turning the other cheek, or compassion of forgiveness.
There are and have been tyrants and events that should never have been
tolerated or ever forgiven. I don't understand the disparity where some have
opportunity and others dealt the dirty end of the stick, in some cases, caused
by inept leaders.

Good and evil creep into society where, not accepting all diversity is labeled
racists by inept leaders and their followers, who are not able to differentiate
the good from evil in their zeal to appear caring.

On a personal note describing my life, the word is "almost."

Reaching my hopes and dreams has always been almost, therefor in grading
my life objectively, it is a C. The road is getting me closer to finding out if
there is such a thing as a soul and does it get recycled, or is the end a light
turned off into darkness, never to shine again.

Conservative column from George Giftos

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