Thursday, September 8, 2016

MORT’s meanderings

Obama gets his kicks by humiliating
true-blue, patriotic Americans.  It’s an old Middle-East game and he loves to play it.
Want an example?  Take his speech to the 2016 Democratic National Convention on Wednesday evening, July 27, 2016.  He raved on with lie after lie and exaggeration after exaggeration about the tremendous accomplishments he said ‘happened’ on his watch over the past seven-and-a-half years.  Bald-faced, 180-degree opposites of the facts but, who cares – it was Obama and he was on a roll, making one of his infamous  speeches full of lies, like cockroaches running crazy-wild when the lights are turned on.
I won’t bore myself by itemizing the long litany of untruths he spewed forth, with no apparent shame at what he knew were absolute lies.  Lies that he knew could be fact-checked by delving into the history of his terms as President but, he also knew with a certainty that no Democrat or member of the mass media would ever bother to do that.  He knew and they knew he was lying and spreading bullshit by the megaton, with a Progressive Democrat bulldozer.  Doesn’t matter, this was Obama speaking.
What he said that must be listed as one of the all-time ultra-outrageous, lunatic statements in the annals of history was, that Hillary is the best-qualified candidate for the Presidency, of anyone who ever ran for the office of President of the United States.  He went on to dump more drek on the already high pile of drek, by saying that this assessment includes the qualifications of both Bill Clinton and himself. He blithely implied that both SlickWillie Clinton and SlickMuslim Obama were truly something quite special but, that Hillary’s qualifications even superseded theirs.  
It was obvious that Obama was getting his kicks by continuing to expand upon his off-the-wall ravings, knowing full well that he was lying like a rug and that he was  tossing a huge blanket of humiliation over the entire audience in that Convention Halll and the many millions of TV watchers all across America.  
If you noticed the greatly-reduced water pressure as you took your morning shower, it was because millions & millions of gullible Americans were also taking super-long, hot showers, trying to cleanse themselves of Obama’s bullshit.
              MORT KUFF   © 7-28-2016

Editor’s Note:

The Liar in Chief, President Obama, was speaking in Laos and found an Anti-American group to listen to his insidious view of America. Obama found time to disrespect the very People whom elected him twice even though he must be the most incompetent President of all time.  

Obama made the statement twice, as he called Americans “lazy.” Not lazy because they continue to vote for Corrupt Democrats who forcibly extract money from those who earn money while handing it out to Black Lies Matter Groups and others like them. No, said Obama, Americans are lazy because they don’t care enough about the environment, and because they aren’t considerate enough of foreign countries. The very same foreign countries who take money from America at the drop of a hat all the while helping Terrorist groups get stronger.   

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